Stories From A Scottish Island

Stories From A Scottish Island

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Episode 10 – Liz Dale Celebrates The Life Of Suffragette Of General Flora Drummond
July 23, 2018

 Interview With Liz Dale Discussing Suffragette General Flora Drummond The suffragette movement is rightly remembered as a huge turning point in the way women were both perceived and treated within society. In this interview,

Episode 9 – Sheila Gilmore of Visit Arran
March 18, 2018

                                                 VisitArran Promotes Arran To The World – Interview With Sheila Gilmore VisitArran is a vital promotional tool for the island and the organisation’ Executive Director Sheila Gilmore is certainly the best

Episode 8 – Claire Reeves of The Bay Kitchen & Stores
December 12, 2017

Working For Laurelle in New York & Running A Store On Arran. What’s The Difference? Many of us think of leaving the rat race and setting up shop in a rural idyll but few actually realise this dream and face up to the reality.

Episode 7 – A Life At Sea – Calmac Skipper Jay Shibel
November 29, 2017

Caledonian MacBrayne’s Man From Iran To Arran It’s fair to say that Caledonian MacBrayne, or Calmac as it’s commonly referred to is a huge part of island life. The ferries that dock in Arran from the mainland of Scotland not only bring visitors which h...

Episode 6 – Reminiscence Of Arran At War & Gamekeeper’s Tales
November 13, 2017

Rosemary and Howard Walker Can Rosemary and Howard Walker have lived on Arran for a very long time and their stories of life on the island is a history class all in itself. From Rosemary’s recounting of German planes overflying the island after the dev...

Episode 5 – The Hypnotic World of the Potter’s Wheel
October 18, 2017

Japanese Design & Arran Potter Simon Thorburn Can there be anything more hypnotic than watching a potter at work at the potter’s wheel? Simon Thorburn has been working as a potter since the 1980’s on Arran. His work is known around the world.

Episode 4 – Lindsay Keir Baking For The World
October 16, 2017

Keeping Arran’s Baking Tradition Alive and Kicking Although not originally from Arran, Lindsay Keir has spent decades on the island bringing up a family and building a business that is known not only in Arran and across Scotland, but also in Europe.

Episode 3 – A Taste of Arran With Alastair Dobson
October 14, 2017

Entrepreneurial Spirit With Scotland’s Larder Alastair Dobson is Arran through and through having actually been born on the island he left at aged sixteen only to return and continue the work of his parents building up their milk and dairy business.

Episode 2 – Fred Shortland Fighting For Human Rights
September 18, 2017

Business, Human Rights and Suzanne Vega Fred Shortland lives in Lochranza, one of the most beautiful parts of the island of Arran. Having visited the Holy Isle just off Arran, Fred and his wife then looked at Arran as a potential place to retire.

Episode 1 – Musician & Artist Heather MacLeod
August 28, 2017

Interview With Heather MacLeod of Whiting Bay Having known Heather for a long time, interviewing her was just really having a chat with an old friend. Heather is well known on the island for her beautiful artwork which you can view below.