Stood in the Gap

Stood in the Gap

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Bernard Mickle w/Marquis - "So all I can say is never discard your family."
March 23, 2023

In this episode of the Stood in the Gap podcast, host Derrin Slack is joined by his young co-host of the week, Marquis, from Circle City Prep, and his longtime friend, Bernard Mickel, for a lively con

Thaddeus Rex w/Christian - "You have to be able to make new decisions."
March 09, 2023

In this episode, Derrin Slack delves into a conversation with Thaddeus Rex, and shares his journey in martial arts and the importance of self-improvement. Rex, who is a black belt in martial arts, tal

Bill Ghormley w/ Kaycee: "We are behind you 100%."
February 23, 2023

Derrin chats with co-host Kaycee and volunteer Bill Ghormley from ProAct

Matt Hadley w/ Saint R: "Do you have 10 people in your network today that have access to the tools and resources to help if you lost everything?"
February 09, 2023

Matt Hadley, the Director of Business Development at AP Engineering and Consulting, joins the podcast "Stood in the Gap" to discuss the pivotal moment in his life where he realized that relationships

Willie Little w/ DeMarion S.: "Do Something Good in the Hood."
January 26, 2023

Everyone faces challenges in life, but its important to remember that we can learn from each other and grow stronger together.

Amber Fields w/ Erina Q.: "When are you going to realize that you have everything you need within?"
January 12, 2023

Discover the story of Amber Fields on "Stood in the Gap," a podcast that delves into the people who have helped others succeed and become successful leaders. Join host Derrin Slack as he plays a fun "

Dr. Wallace McLaughlin w/ Ra'Kiyah T.: "When Do You Want to Graduate?"
December 29, 2022

An Inspiring Look at Personal Growth and Community Involvement with Dr. Wallace McLaughlin. and Ra'Kiyah T. (Youth Voice Segment)

Blake Behr: “Maybe it’s on you.”
November 11, 2021

grew up in a one-parent home. He knows how important it is for people to show up and show support for others. For Blake, one such person hit him with the cold, hard truth: were his problems the fault

Bryan Brenner: “You’re the man of the house now.”
October 28, 2021

At the age of twelve, s life turned upside down. Suddenly, his parents got divorced, the family filed for bankruptcy, and Bryan's father told him he had to be the man of the house. For Bryan, it was

Tony Mason: “Help people because it’s the right thing to do.”
October 14, 2021

Help people because its the right thing to do. Its a simple concept that has served well. As CEO and President of the , a community outreach program dedicated to helping minorities achieve socia