Stolendroids Podcast

Stolendroids Podcast

#349 - No Mac For You!

December 19, 2017

Apple has been blowing things this month. It started with software, went to security, and has finished with our very minds.  That's right; Apple has launched a couple products that could really change things!  If only one of them wasn't as much as a car (or small home, or food for a family for a year).

Also, Ajit Pai is an absolute tool.  Not for the whole Net Neutrality thing (well, maybe that too).  No, he's just a tool in general.  I hope Google indexes that.  I hope his name shows up in future Google searches with that descriptor.  That might become the metatag for the site.  Just saying.


* BlackBerry Priv given a death sentence
* Ataribox delayed
* HP laptops bundled with keyloggers
* The new iMac Pro will melt your face and a years worth of your income
* App Store opens 'Pre-Order' possibilities
* Apple Watch just became cool!
* Apple let a fake app into the App Store
* A letter alleging that Uber spied has been released
* Firefox respects your privacy by adding add-ons without permission
* iTunes not going to the Microsoft Store
* Ajit Pai is a tool
* Amazon will now sell Apple TV and Google Chromecast
* Windows 10 came with insecure password manager


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