Stolendroids Podcast

Stolendroids Podcast

#346 - Yay! You're Screwed!

November 28, 2017

With everyone getting busted for sexual assault, I guess the FCC felt they had to "1 Up" everybody and screwed us all without our consent!  Seems about right for this administration.

We were probably asking for it, though; flaunting our high speed connections and posting information whenever and wherever we wanted.  We probably secretly wanted this.  No? No one wanted this? You're telling me 99.7% of the population actively said "NO WE DON'T WANT THIS" and they still did it?  Well I'm sure we still all had it coming.


* FCC tosses out your comments because SCREW YOU
* FCC keeps all the fake anti-NN comments because SCREW YOU
* FCC releases new policy titled SCREW YOU, during Thanksgiving dinner because SCREW YOU
* FCC moves to block states from protecting citizens because SCREW THEM TOO
* Uber . . . .  grooooaaaannnnnnnn
* Still Uber . . . . ughhhhh
* Jeez, Uber. Seriously!
* Imgur was hacked. Probably doesn't mean anything.
* Youtube would really appreciate it if child exploitation videos weren't a thing
* Wow, Apple. Child labor? REALLY?
* iPhone X gets unlocked by 10 year old kid
* DJI offers to reward you for finding bugs. The reward is prison time?


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