Stolendroids Podcast

Stolendroids Podcast

#345 - Remember The Jericho

November 21, 2017

Funny how when it's another set of religious radicals bringing down buildings and peoples it's ok.

We're loopy as ever with our latest show recording yet! Zohner is completely out of the loop and Zuke sort of forgot what the internet even looked like, yet there's still some weird stuff going on in the tech world!  Like how everyone seems to have a back door vulnerability (not like that). Or how Apple is only a couple releases from really (REALLY) pissing off their fan base.  Or how Amazon's new method of letting people into your home actually isn't a very good idea! Actually . . . I guess that last one isn't so weird.


* OnePlus has a wide open door to hackers
* Google wants to nerf a security app's entire purpose
* Facebook makes a change. People freak out.
* United Healthcare does something awesome!
* Blah blah blah another tap to pay blah
* Apple brings coprocessor to iMac for Siri. That's cool!
* iOS update fixes what's wrong with iPhone X
* Apple delays the HomePod
* EA tries to reverse course from being too douchey
* Belgium investigates EA for being douchey
* Germany's paranoia might be well founded
* Department of Defense proves that they're pretty much just incompetent
* Bluetooth hack opens up all smart speakers
* Amazon makes good on everyone's predictions
* FCC stops pretending to care about consumers


Zuke’s Favorite: How kids should be having fun

Zohner’s Favorite: How to go green and 260MPH