STEMCAST with Dr. Reagan Flowers

STEMCAST with Dr. Reagan Flowers

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Driving with GoKid with Stefanie Lemcke
December 02, 2019

Dr. Stefanie Lemcke is the founder of GoKid, a carpooling, scheduling and organization app for parents and caretakers. Dr. Lemcke founded the app when she was seeking a solution to driver fatigue after moving from New York City to Connecticut,...

Finding Your Path with Vince Luciani
November 22, 2019

Vince Luciana joined SurgeX in January 2019 as senior sales engineer following his tenure as an independent consulting engineer. Throughout his career, he has designed electronics for a variety of companies within the consumer electronics,...

Serving the Community with Gessie Belizaire
November 04, 2019

Gessie Belizaire is a debut author of a thought provoking Political & Social Sciences book titled .  Through a comparative analysis, she is able to look at the long-term ramifications of French colonization on present-day Haiti and Guinea in...

Black Girls Do Engineer with Kara Branch and Melanie Wyatt
October 21, 2019

Kara Branch and Melanie Wyatt are the directors of .   Black Girls Do Engineer Corporation was established in June of 2019. The organization was created with the concern that Black-American women are not progressing in STEM related careers, and...

Organizational Change with David Bartholomew
October 07, 2019

David Bartholomew III is a Director with Myrtle Consulting Group specializing in Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership Development, Management Operating Systems, Executive Coaching, Leadership Engagement, and Organizational Culture Change. He has...

Coding With a Twist with Sha'Rell Webb
September 16, 2019

Sha'rell Webb is the founder of Coding With a Twist,  an organization geared to increase the awareness of coding and robotics to the youth that reside in the Fifth Ward neighborhood.   In this episode we discuss: The launching of Coding...

Building Smart Kids with Sofia Ivanka
August 26, 2019

Sofia Ivanka is an active philanthropist and founder of the nonprofit Building Smart Kids. She is the author of “Fourth Grade Math Rules” in 2009 and“Fifth Grade Math Rules” in 2011. Sofia is an ambassador for...

Mental Health Match with Ryan Schwartz
July 22, 2019

Ryan Schwartz is the founder and creator of . Ryan gives people a resource for finding a therapist in an easy and confidential way, while also removing the stigma associated with mental health. Taking elements from popular dating sites, Ryan believes...

A Career as a U.S. Marshal with Flora Gant Bridges
July 08, 2019

Flora Gant Bridges is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. She is employed by the Department of Justice - United States Marshals Service and holds the position of Chief Inspector. The United States Marshals Service is the oldest federal law enforcement...

Going to Camp with Sunni Markowitz
June 19, 2019

Sunni Markowitz isa community leader and volunteer, academic researcher or mother, Sunni's career has been defined by a singular commitment to children. She is the founder and Executive Director of C