The Staying In Podcast - four pals talk video games, board games, movies, and absolute nonsense

The Staying In Podcast - four pals talk video games, board games, movies, and absolute nonsense

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Dungeon Scrawlers: Heroes of Undermountain, Disco Elysium, and Call of Cthulhu Starter Set - Ep139
November 14, 2021

00:00 - Buying an apartment is boring. And very very expensive. 08:28 - The Call of Cthulhu Starter Set is one of the neatest pieces of introductory design; a great way to get into Chaosium’s legendar

Dune, No Time to Die, and Little Factory - Ep138
October 31, 2021

00:00 - What to do with an extra hour. 07:27 - We went to watch Dune at the IMAX and realised that, for a film with the budget of a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s a surprisingly cerebral and mature adapt

Super Arcade Football, Midnight Mass, and Greece Lightning - Ep137
October 14, 2021

00:00 - Willington Day, our favourite seasons, and the number five. 03:46 - "You couldn't read it". 07:04 - Super Arcade Football is from OutOfTheBit - of Super Arcade Racing (as heard on Ep77) fame -

Deathloop, Squid Game, and Last Message - Ep136
September 30, 2021

00:00 - Butter spreading dangers. 02:07 - We hop on the Deathloop bandwagon and talk about why this cyclical murder sim from the folks at Arkane Studios is inspired by old school roleplaying games. 23

Wordscapes, Mazescape Labyrinthos, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - Ep135
September 14, 2021

00:00 - Lightbulb moments. 03:20 - Dining out at the cinema and why Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is a fantastic kung fu movie, with a more-grounded physicality in a universe where everyon

The Suicide Squad, Anno 1800, and The Bart Bonte Collection - Ep134
August 31, 2021

00:00 - Play it slow or play it fast, SUPERHOT VR might just be the best way to experience the stylish first person shooter where times only moves when you do. 05:44 - A spice challenge at Seitan’s Co

Flesh and Blood, UK Games Expo 2021, and Masters of the Universe: Revelation - Ep133
August 14, 2021

00:00 - Using Lara Croft-esque flares for romantic photography. 03:30 - No matadors whatsoever. 05:04 - We had a fantastic time at the UK Games Expo this year, and the organisers did a brilliant job o

Black Widow, Alone Against the Tide, and Genesis Noir - Ep132
July 31, 2021

00:00 - The Calippo Shots generation. 04:38 - A bit of a saga. 07:21 - Black Widow is an action thriller in the MCU that explores some pretty dark and deep themes surrounding the character. It’s a goo

Loki, A Gentle Rain, and Imperium - Ep131
July 15, 2021

00:00 - Sleeping with Stephen Fry. 05:56 - It’s coming home. We’re going out. 09:00 - Marvel’s latest TV series - Loki - has aesthetics that are very reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange but, secretly, i

Overboard!, Blades in the Dark, and EXIT: The Sacred Temple - Ep130
July 01, 2021

00:00 - UEFA Euro 2020 (actually taking place in 2021), plus: it all kicks off. 03:37 - We attempt to get away with murder with the keeping-your-story-straight simulator Overboard!, which appears to h