Staying In Podcast

Staying In Podcast

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Kentucky Route Zero, Treachery in Beatdown City, and The Last of Us Part II - Ep106
July 01, 2020

00:00 - When is a broom not a broom? 07:00 - A spoiler-free discussion about The Last of Us Part II. 27:12 - Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition is deeply profound, philosophical, and beautiful. 36:49 - Redesigning the teasmade for the 21st century. 41:27 - .

Viticulture, Adventure Games, and Tiny Bird Garden - Ep105
June 15, 2020

00:00 - Slipmington. Patent pending. 09:03 - What little we know about wine, and what we love about Stonemaier Games' Viticulture Essential Edition, a relaxing worker placement in which you run a vineyard. 23:30 - Escape room games at home, including Sh..

Lonely Mountains: Downhill, Gorogoa, and Qwirkle - Ep104
June 01, 2020

00:00 - Sam's 'superpower' and Kris's least favourite theme park. 07:20 - Gorogoa is gorogorgeous, how different mediums handle pacing a story, and the definition of a visual novel. 19:35 - The natural, chilled beauty of Lonely Mountains: Downhill, and ..

Devs, Break the Code, and Ion Fury - Ep103
May 15, 2020

00:00 - The Peter-Minute-Ton. 03:23 - Lockdown hair cuts. 08:03 - Break the Code is a fantastic deductive puzzle experience, but what's not fantastic is losing a bit of it under some decking. 28:23 - We're divided on Devs. Is it some of the best televis..

Ring Fit Adventure, Dark, and Welcome to New Las Vegas - Ep102
May 01, 2020

00:00 - Dancercise with Ryan Heffington, and line dancing up to the oche. 06:31 - Oh sure, Ring Fit Adventure is an indoor exercise masterpiece of games design. But does that mean Ring can say what he likes about our shiny muscles? 17:24 - Well, we're f..

Kind Words, National Theatre Live, and 1 Survives - Ep101
April 15, 2020

00:00 - Loyd Grossman impressions and other things that show our age. 05:55 - Some of our favourite things to enjoy during lockdown so far have been the comforting certainty of MasterChef and the relationship-testing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 11:30..

The Top 10 Things Worth Staying In For - Ep100
April 01, 2020

00:11 - Arguing about The Bee Gees. 04:13 - We decide upon our favourite video games, board games, TV, and films from the previous 100 episodes. We each chose our personal top tens - including fantastic things that you should absolutely check out - and ..

Two Point Hospital, Wingspan, and Tiny Heist - Ep99
March 15, 2020

00:00 - Something called an ISTQB, the linen finish high quality of Wingspan ("the most beautiful game I own"), and the lesser spotted Trivia Tidbits. 12:40 - Relationship advice and Mini Eggs. 14:35 - Omerta has a really good rhythm to it and we think ..

Parasite, Encore!, and The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine - Ep98
March 01, 2020

00:00 - Miniatures games, what makes BattleTech fun to paint, and why the hobby is oh so therapeutic. 08:43 - The sensory overload of Arcade Club in Bury. 15:09 - The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine is a deceptively tricky trick-taking game that feels i..

PSVR, Brikks, and Spirit Island - Ep97
February 15, 2020

  00:00 - An adventure in AI Dungeon, aka The Halfpipe Chronicles. 07:12 - A technological trip into the wonderful world of PSVR, the perils of VR horror, and exploring all the new experiences to have in virtual reality. 20:23 - Brikks is the "analogue T.