Staying In Podcast

Staying In Podcast

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PSVR, Brikks, and Spirit Island - Ep97
February 15, 2020

  00:00 - An adventure in AI Dungeon, aka The Halfpipe Chronicles. 07:12 - A technological trip into the wonderful world of PSVR, the perils of VR horror, and exploring all the new experiences to have in virtual reality. 20:23 - Brikks is the "analogue T.

Blitzkrieg!, The Witcher and the Royal Game of Ur - Ep96
February 01, 2020

00:00 - A show called Best Home Cook, and what's interesting about being with the The Hairy Bikers in-person. 04:57 - What's it like playing The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt - Complete Edition on the move with the Switch version? We'll tell you. 09:20 - We'..

Don't Get Got, Jojo Rabbit, and Chuchel - Ep95
January 15, 2020

00:00 - H. G. Wells, a true literary genius? 05:04 - TwentyPlenty. 11:15 - Don't Get Got from Big Potato Games is a mix of silly party fun and intense paranoia that demands creative thinking and social nous to outwit your loved ones. 33:30 - Jojo Rabbit..

Halo: Reach, Decrypto, and Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #2 - Ep94
January 01, 2020

00:00 - Halo: Reach is out as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection so we head down memory lane to discuss the series. 16:00 - Do we make it to 2020? Find out at the end of the show! :o 20:15 - As usual, we've got the hottest takes. This episode..

Knives Out, Silk, and Dragonmeet 2019 - Ep93
December 15, 2019

00:00 - A peacefully tomb-like (!?!?) flotation tank experience at Float Planet in Liverpool. 07:43 - We went to Modiphius's tabletop RPG event Dragonmeet, and make a resolution. 15:47 - Hoover chat. 18:07 - Kosmos and Devir have put out Silk, a wonderf..

Medium, His Dark Materials, and the BoardGameGeek Secret Santa - Ep92
December 01, 2019

00:00 - Top hotel hacks, boiling eggs in unconventional ways, and award-winning hotel service horror stories. 15:16 - Our first experience of the BoardGameGeek Secret Santa, and adventures in sending board games to Taiwan. 23:22 - Even more crimbo-caper..

Sushi Roll, Afterparty, and Pixel Game Maker MV - Ep91
November 15, 2019

00:00 - The Fingers Dilemma. 07:03 - "Kojima-esque" and other words to describe the game one of us has made with the extremely accessible, creativity-inspiring game development software Pixel Game Maker MV. 20:39 - Our question comes from our pal "Dr. K..

Watchmen, Air, Land & Sea, and The Mooseman - Ep90
November 01, 2019

00:00 - Reasons to enjoy dressing gowns a bit more often than you currently do. 06:16 - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's The Mooseman. 18:45 - "How do you do, fellow kids?", and other stories about how we know we're not running in the same circles ..

Imhotep: The Duel, Truck Driver, and Monopoly - Ep89
October 16, 2019

00:00 - Yes, these definitely sound like things a beer drinker would make up. 12:20 - The peculiar awkwardness of full body massage. 18:52 - Imhotep: The Duel is a two player board game masterpiece from Kosmos. 35:28 - Soedesco's latest is called Truck ..

The Taverns of Tiefenthal, Battle at Big Rock, and Untitled Goose Game - Ep88
October 01, 2019

00:30 - All rise. The Court of The Pod is now in session, the Honourable Judge Frost presiding. Our first case: leaving drinks in other people's fridges. 07:20 - The maker of The Mind and The Quacks of Quedlinburg - Wolfgang Warsch - is back with Tavern..