The Staying In Podcast - four pals talk video games, board games, movies, and absolute nonsense

The Staying In Podcast - four pals talk video games, board games, movies, and absolute nonsense

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Godtear, Fury of Dracula, and The Order: 1886 - Ep156
July 31, 2022

00:00 - Pogs are back, maybe? 05:20 - Ready at Dawn’s The Order: 1886 was an early title on the PlayStation 4 that lots of people seem to have slept on… but they shouldn’t have, as gorgeous-looking st

Thor: Love and Thunder, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and Get on Board - Ep155
July 14, 2022

00:00 - A letter to DEFRA. 03:56 - Thor: Love and Thunder is Taika Waititi second go with the Asgardian and while it’s lost a bit of the danger felt in Ragnarok it’s still distinctive and well worth w

Ms. Marvel, Disney Villainous, Crescent Moon - Ep154
July 01, 2022

00:00 – It’s time to investigate. 05:06 – Ms. Marvel is wonderful. It’s a celebration of cultural identity, with nuance, laughter, wisdom, community… we love it. 28:30 – Lifting the curse with shuffle

Top Gun: Maverick, Jackass Forever, and There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension - Ep153
June 14, 2022

00:00 - What crisp are you? 03:36 - Top Gun: Maverick is really good. Really REALLY good. And it’s not just a simple nostalgia trip, it’s a well-told story with incredible action scenes, that everyone

Long Shot: The Dice Game, Gran Turismo 7, and Everything Everywhere All at Once - Ep152
May 31, 2022

00:00 - The worst place to stage a stag do. 02:49 - Everything but the act of reading. 05:25 - Gran Turismo 7 is the sequel to… Gran Turismo 2? It’s an expectedly gorgeous simulation racer that goes b

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, The Procession to Calvary, and Merchants & Marauders - Ep151
May 14, 2022

00:00 - We talk skin care regime and why it’s important for us fellas. 07:45 - Ready Brek: it’s good. 09:41 - The latest Dr Strange movie is out, we’ve seen it and, generally, we like it - it’s a soli

Reacher, Hot Lap League, and Free Radicals - Ep150
May 02, 2022

00:00 - The foundations of a hot tub. 03:03 - Coiledspring Games’ Photosynthesis sets a new standard for gateway games and feels like it might genuinely be a good option for getting people into the ho

Is it Cake?, Sobek: 2 Players, and Richard Simpson from We’re Not Wizards - Ep149
April 14, 2022

00:00 - Hot dogs: awkward sandwiches? 03:08 - Is it Cake? Well? Is it? 08:09 - Cryptid: Urban Legends from Osprey Games shakes things up and presents a very different two player experience to the orig

The Batman, AireCon, and Switch & Signal - Ep148
March 31, 2022

00:00 - The great debate, aka “do you eat or drink soup?” 02:49 - The Batman, a spoiler-free review. 25:50 - AireCon: origins. 37:04 - AireCon: the bring and buy sale. 42:09 - AireCon: meeting up with

Elden Ring, Black Hole Rainbows, and Eyes : Nonogram - Ep147
March 14, 2022

00:00 - Happy. Birthday. To. You. 07:49 - Kris and Sam’s adventure in a broken car. 15:37 - Forget the discourse: FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is filled with Lovecraftian-ish creatures, rune gathering, w