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State of Fear Podcast

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Episode 70 - Missouri: Zombie Road/James Edward Robinson
May 16, 2022

Welcome to episode 70 - Missouri - First up we take a walk down the infamous Zombie Road. In our main story we discuss James Edward Robinson aka the Internets First Serial Killer. All Music by White Bat AudioInformation

Episode 69 - Minnesota: Lake Pepin Serpent/Weepy Voiced Killer
April 30, 2022

Welcome to episode 69 - Minnesota First up James tells us about the Lake Pepin Serpent. Then we discuss the creepy and pathetic tale of Paul Michael Stephani aka the Weepy Voiced KillerInformation

Episode 68 - Mississippi: Natchez Trace/Pascagoula Alien Abductions
April 23, 2022

Welcome to episode 68 Mississippi - First up is the dark tale of the Mississippi section of the Natchez Trace. Then we get into the weird yet fascinating tale of the Pascagoula alien abductions of 1973.All audio by White Bat AudioResearch:https://www.natu

Episode 67 - Wyoming: Big Nose George/Cokeville Hostage Miracle
April 15, 2022

Welcome to episode 67 - Wyoming First up we discuss the gruesome and grotesque fate of criminal George Parrott also known as Big Nose George, Big Beak Parrott, George Manuse, and George Warden, a cattle rustler and highwayman in the American Wild West in

Episode 66 - Ohio: Helltown and Ohio MonsterMash
March 25, 2022

Welcome to episode 66 - Ohio First up we take a trip to Helltown Ohio, filled with mutants, ghosts, giant pythons and Wendigos. We follow that up with a trio of strange ohio monsters that don't get enough coverage: The Charles Mills Lake Monster, Oran

Episode 65 - Maryland: The Goatman/Phantom of O'Donnell Heights
March 11, 2022

Welcome to episode 65 Maryland, first up the Goatman of Fletchertown Road, a cryptid who is very baaa-ad.  Then we discuss America's own Spring Heeled Jack, The Phantom of O'Donnell Heights, a figure in black seen during a hot summer in 1951.Break

Episode 64 - Indiana: Puk Wud Jie/Self Decapitation of James Moon
February 25, 2022

Welcome to episode 64 - Indiana - Our first story is about the micro sized Puk Wud Jie's and the bad luck they bring when crossed.  We then dive into the fascinating tale of James Woods and his mission to build the greatest self decapitation machine e

Episode 63 - Illinois: Devil Baby of Hull House/Glimmer Man
February 18, 2022

Welcome to episode 63 - Illinois; our first story is on the devil baby of hull house.  It is an urban legend, demon curse or deformed child? Then we hear a tale of one woman's encounter with an invisible/glimmering creature; first during her childhood

Episode 62 - Pennsylvania: Bus to Nowhere/1973 Bigfoot-UFO Invasion
February 11, 2022

Welcome to episode 62 Pennsylvania - First up is the Bus to Nowhere. This bus is said to appear only at night and only to those most in need of escape. Then, we dive into the Bigfoot/UFO invasion that took place throughout Pennsylvania between 1973 and 19

Episode 61 - New Mexico: Dulce Secret Base/David Parker Ray The Toybox Killer
December 20, 2021

Welcome to episode 61 New Mexico First up we talk about the Secret DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) Dulce. Then we discuss one the most underreported serial killers in history, David Parker Ray aka the Toybox Killer. Finally, we hear from a fan, Chr