9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast w/ Jacolby Gilliam

9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast w/ Jacolby Gilliam

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Ep. 75 Understanding College Athletics With Keirsten Sires of LRT Sports
October 08, 2019

“We allow current and former college athletes to rate their college coaches to have more transparent information. So that high school athletes, parents, high school coaches. Stay more informed throughout the recruiting process” – Keirsten Sires,

Ep. 74 Voicing Equality For LGBTQ Athletes With Hudson Taylor Founder of Athlete Ally
October 03, 2019

“And then the third pillar of the work is around athlete activism. So we want to try to create a world in which athlete activism is accepted and expected. So I think you know when I look at why, why we don’t have more out athletes or why LGBTQ athletes...

Ep. 73 You’re #VolleyballGoals with Founder and Pro Volleyball Player Ijeoma Moronu
September 26, 2019

“Like I love volleyball so much. I love that I got the opportunity to play abroad and I just want girls in the States to know that there are options other than like not playing or paying you know, five thousand dollars to go for a week to play and then...

Ep. 72 Director April Abeyta Inspiring Athletes With The Film, After The Game
September 12, 2019

“Sort of what these characters are facing in the film. Viewers get sort of follow along and see you know, not only what happens to them in 1999 as athletes and what happened to their careers in their season, but also as adults.

Ep 71. Not Afraid Of The Dark with Overseas Pro Basketball Player & Artist Greg Motley
September 09, 2019

“Me playing and my artwork that’s the that’s the M.O. I want to have. If I was to sit there and go in and they ask me about occupation. And you know, I’m an athlete professional athlete and an artist..” – Greg Motley Listen to the episode on Apple or S...

Ep. 70 We’ve Come Too Far To Give Up Now With Brandon Hill
August 26, 2019

“I definitely hope that I could I can continue to do that because you know after after everything on a been through and one thing that I wish that I had when I was younger somebody that had been through some of the stuff.

Ep 69 The Race Is Just Getting Started With Patrick Pressgrove
August 22, 2019

“First and foremost I do it for myself because I love doing this and really just proving to myself that I can because you years go. I never knew I could run and now I know how much more I can do. So I want to go do it. And then after that I want […]

Ep 68 Redefining Normal With Canada Sitting Volleyball Olympian Katelyn Wright
August 22, 2019

“Well I mean everybody has a different normal, right I mean that’s like kind of the big thing that I really found is, you know like there’s always the standard you see like whether it be magazines, TV, social media,

Ep 67 Focusing On What I Can Control With Olympian and Pro Volleyball Player David Smith
August 22, 2019

“John Speraw came up to me and at that point he was just then been hired as the assistant coach for the National Team because they were based in Orange County where I was going to college and he was like hey like you have you know,

Ep 66 Don’t Set The Bar; Be The Bar with Team USA Sitting Volleyball Paralympian Lexi Shifflett
August 22, 2019

“A motto we have, our thing is like being the bar like since we set the bar, how do we make the bar go higher?” – Lexi Shifflett Listen to the episode on Apple or Spotify In episode 66, of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast,