Star Wars: A 602 Club Collection -

Star Wars: A 602 Club Collection -

Latest Episodes

Star Wars: Life Debt
August 20, 2016

We discuss our thoughts coming into this one, the Empire in chaos, the story, characters old and new the final mystery, ratings and the Rogue One trailer.

Star Wars: Clone Wars
June 11, 2016

We discuss our Clone Wars experience, volume one, if it’s still fun, volume two, leading up to Episode III, voices, being over-written and doing yourself a favor.

Star Wars: Bloodline
May 21, 2016

We discuss the heir to the Empire, being in Vader’s shadow, world-building, romanticizing the past, new characters, the rise of the First Order and our ratings

Star Wars Rebels: Season 2
April 11, 2016

To start we discuss the Rogue One trailer, then entering season 2, each of the episodes, frustration, helicopter lightsabers, Ahsoka and Vader, Ahsoka’s end, having Maul back, hopes for season 3 and our ratings.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie
March 26, 2016

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie. We discuss our Clone Wars experience, the animation style, the Christophsis opening, the characterizations, Ahsoka’s introduction and impact, three teachers, if it’s Anakin or Ahsoka’s story, if it set the stage for Rey, t

Star Wars: Battlefront: Twilight Company
February 29, 2016

We discuss another Star Wars movie, gritty, dark and real, why we fight, more satisfaction, nothing better to do, Vader, the evil Empire, heroes on both sides and our ratings.

Star Wars: Before the Awakening
January 13, 2016

We discuss if the book should have come out before the movie, if it would have effected our movie viewing, Finn, Rey, Poe and our ratings.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
December 23, 2015

We discuss our Episode VII experiences, the new characters, old characters, abandonment, the villains, the history of a long time ago, what about R2?, humor, music and design, final thoughts and ratings.

Star Wars: The Last Command
December 17, 2015

We discuss, the end, impressions now, the smuggler’s alliance, the assault on Coruscant, the cover issue, the mountain takedown, the epilogue, with great power, universe building and our ratings

Star Wars Aliens: Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away.
December 15, 2015

We discuss the journey to The Force Awakens, The Face of Evil, All Creatures Great and Small, High Noon on Jakku and The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku