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Deepening our sense of our true self by Fr Ian Mobsby
November 24, 2019

In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores the interaction between Jesus and the Sadducees drawing on the wisdom of Thomas Merton concerning the Christian calling to deepen our sense of our true selves, and to resist the distortion of the false or shadow self. .

Mother's Union Sermon - By Comfort Idowu- Fearon
November 24, 2019

In this podcast, Comfort (who is the Mothers Union President for the Diocese of Southwark) discusses the origin of the Mother's Union This was recorded on the 13th October 2019 at St Luke's Peckham Sunday Morning Eucharist. 

Social, Economic & Ecological injustice in Global Market Economy - a Reading of the Parable of the Unjust Steward by Ian Mobsby
September 22, 2019

In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores the parable of the Unjust Steward and its implications for social, economic and ecological justice in the context of a global market society.  This was recorded on the 22nd September 2019 at St Lukes Peckham Sunday Mor.

The Revolutionary Prayer of Jesus by Ian Mobsby
July 28, 2019

In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores Jesus' teaching in Luke 11:1-13 of the Lords Prayer, and the profoundly revolutionary worldview and identity this brings to those who seek to follow Jesus.  The truths of this prayer go to the heart of what Jesus is al.

Trinity 5: Christian discipleship as contemplative action by Sandra Schloss
July 25, 2019

In this podcast recorded on Sunday 21st July 2019, the Revd Sandra Schloss explores the implications of the gospel text regarding the Gospel story of Mary and Martha.  As a self-confessed activist, Sandra explores the challenge for both activists and con.

Easter 2: Shalom, Yahweh sent me, I am send you
May 02, 2019

On the 28th April 2019 and on the day of the St Lukes APCM Meeting, Fr Ian Mobsby explores the implications of the tradition Gospel text of Jesus' appearing to the disciples and specifically Thomas in his resurrected form.  In this text in verse 21 Jesus.

Epiphany: Hope for the world in the coming of the Magi
January 06, 2019

In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores the significance of the coming of the Magi as a sign of Jesus' relevance to the whole world, demonstrated by the Magi as followers of the Zoroastrian religion.  This was recorded on the first Sunday of Epiphany 2019.  

The importance of New Monasticism in the early 21st Century missional context in the UK
November 29, 2018

In this opening address at the New Monasticism Leaders Conference 2018, Ian Mobsby explores his reflections on why forms of New Monasticism are crucial in our increasing post-secular context. 

Harvest & Blessing us as per the Little Children
October 07, 2018

In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores the gospel text of Mark 10 and in particular what Jesus is communicating to the disciples and the pharisees about God's priorities through the orientation of the heart in the way he engages with the little children.  T.

What part of the Gospel of Jesus do you avoid by Ian Mobsby
September 30, 2018

In this podcast recorded on the 30thSeptember 2018 and at the annual celebration of the St Lukes Church Mens Forum, Ian Mobsby explores the mean and application of the gospel of Mark chapter 9 verses 38-50 on the theme of which part of the Gospels do you.