Src:Card Transmission

Src:Card Transmission

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How To Kickstart Good
March 28, 2016

Learn the absolutely essential lessons to run your first Board Game Kickstarter

Bumble Bees, Abnormalities and Apologies
November 30, 2015

Get stung (I did). What a post-campaign Kickstarter project & life looks like!

Why We Hate Src:Card
November 01, 2015

A candid discussion of everything that sucks about Kickstarting, Src:Card and backing (not backers)

Fun Times w/ Sam & Annie
October 20, 2015

Sam & Annie discuss project status, who would they most like to play Src:Card with and all things in between.

Education & Src:Card
October 08, 2015

Is Src:Card a tool for learning programming as well as a game?

Star Trek & God (aka Kickstarter Hell)
September 27, 2015

Src:Card Transmission

Src:Card an Origin Story
September 24, 2015

We look at the origin of Src:Card.

Josh Neil from Das Spiel Zone
September 23, 2015

Josh Neil from Das Spiel Zone interviews Sam about Src:Card

3 Laws of Crowdfunding
September 03, 2015

Project coordinator, Sam Boychuk, talks about the most important lessons he has learned on his fourth crowdfunding project

I Shot The Serif
September 01, 2015

Talking with our Designer/Illustrator, Jacob Grossman about working on Card Game design