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The Sports Rundown Season 2 Episode 16 – SuperBowl
February 05, 2016

AZ and Moosetip break down their SuperBowl
picks and update on the latest in the NBA. 
Could KD be off to the Lakers? And where do we stand on the Road to WrestleMania?
find out who does the dumbest play off the week and more!

Sports Rundown 
Season 2 Episode 14

January 16, 2016

AZ and Moosetip discuss the Fallout of Wildcard Weekend and we dive into
the controversial finishes and lackluster performance all alike. 
we dive into FIFA Golden Balll Winners as well as MLS Trades and News.

The Sports Rundown Season 2 Episode 13 – Not the Sheriff
January 09, 2016

AZ and Moosetip return with their first show of 2016.
we discuss the Playoffs and get you ready for Wild Card Weekend
and discuss the possible relocation of 3 NFL teams for the 2016 Season.
We discuss the NBA,

sports rundown Season 2 Episode 12 – Romophobic
December 09, 2015

On this episode of the Sports Rundown,
Moosetip makes an indecent proposal on the Breaking Moose News. We discuss the fallout of the Thanksgiving games, Romo being done for the season,
the first loss off the Patriots and other injuries and upsets in...

The Sports Rundown S02e11 That’s what you get
November 15, 2015

Week 8 of the NFL comes to a close and we
discuss yet MORE injuries.
We dive deeper into the NBA and discuss how the season is going so far.
AZ and Moosetip discuss the MLS Playoffs and new FIFA matches that
are on the horizon
Find out who gets hit wit...

The Sports Rundown
Season 2 Episode 10
No Comment
November 04, 2015

NBA Season Officially begun and AZ and Moosetip
have their picks for the 2016 NBA Finals and who are the teams to watch out for. NFL Week 7 comes to a close
More drama, more injuries and more nonsense continues
to infuriate and bewilder; find out who a...

The Sports Rundown Season 2 Episode 9 “Fresh off the Bye Week”
October 29, 2015

AZ and Moosetip are back! Fresh from their Bye Week
the tag team duo discuss the latest injuries and news in the NFL
as well as the tragic incident at AT&T Stadium and our current state in the culture of Sports.

Sports rundown Episode 8: Busts, Blowouts and Burns
October 02, 2015

Week 4 looms closer and the 3-0 Moosetip has personal conflict. This week, we discuss which teams and players are Bust as we head into week 4 and who we think can clean up their act and save their season . A. Z.

Sports Rundown 02-07 Adding insult to injuries
September 25, 2015

AZ and Moosetip discuss Week 2 in the NFL. Injuries continue to disrupt the season and Moosetip 's Fantasy Football Team. Should we be worried to see the Seahawks, Ravens and Colts in the 0-2 column? Are the Cowboys done this year despite being undefea...

Sports RunDown 02-06 Stoked
September 17, 2015

This week we recap the first week in the NFL and discuss the latest injuries to Dez and Terrell Suggs. We also talk about the amazing three days for Christiano Ronaldo as he continues to break records! AtMoosetip is on another high,