Spirit of EQ Podcast

Spirit of EQ Podcast

23 – Generational EQ

September 18, 2019

We talk with Andrew Hulse, Business Development Manager from Futurety.  Andrew is a big believer that his generation has the emotional intelligence ability to overcome and succeed in their career and personal choices. He gives us some insights about what's going on inside of his generation, his community, and what he is seeing and hearing, and how that may translate to others generations.

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Andrew Hulse holds an undergraduate degree in political science with a minor in business leadership and management from Capital University. He quickly gained experience with local Columbus, Ohio startup organizations both as an early stage employee and consultant, creating meaningful business relationships with clients. When he is not meeting with partners and potential clients, Andrew enjoys being a mediocre weekend golfer, discovering new musicians on Spotify and spending time with friends around Columbus’ thriving metropolis.

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