Speech Therapy Private Practice Startup Podcast

Speech Therapy Private Practice Startup Podcast

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54. Online Speech Therapy Business: Meet expressable.io founder Leanne Sherred, CCC-SLP
June 14, 2020

Welcome PrivateSLP listeners to Episode 54! Today we are talking with Leanne Sherred, CCC SLP, founder and speech pathologist from expressable.io. In todays interview, We will find out exactly why

53. The Perfect Student Interview: Meet Kyle White
April 06, 2020

Welcome back PrivateSLP listeners, I would like to introduce The Perfect Student, Kyle White. Kyle is a super-motivated individual that is out to help as many kiddos in his community by providing some of the best pediatric therapy in the Philadelphia a...

52. Managing Change in Your Speech Therapy Private Practice
March 30, 2020

With the onset of COVID-19, I talk about making changes in your your Speech Therapy Private Practice. With sudden change comes anxiety, but in this episode, I look back at other events in my life that gave me the abilities to make good solid changes in...

51. PrivateSLP Year in Review
December 28, 2019

2019 has been a great year for PrivateSLP, the Speech Therapy Private Practice Startup Podcast and Kyle’s clinics, Therapy Group of Tucson! When starting, growing or scaling a real speech therapy private practice,

50. Keep Doing What Your Doing & You’ll Get What You’ve Got
November 10, 2019

Welcome to Episode 50 of the Speech Therapy Private Practice Startup Podcast! This episode is all about doing things differently to achieve maximum results in business and your personal life. To celebrate my 50th birthday this Christmas Eve,

49. Fully Committed and “All In” in Speech Therapy Private Practice
June 29, 2019

In this episode I talk about the idea and mindset of being fully committed and “All In” in your own speech therapy private practice. So many times people start their own business and simply give up. They quit because they can’t seem to cut away from th...

48. Discipline in Speech Therapy Private Practice
April 30, 2019

A speech therapy private practice is not always easy or fun and games. Many people suffer from the illusion that business owners are sitting around at the beach on their laptops getting rich while paying employees to do all of the grunt work.

47. Private Practice Management Software with Beata Klarowska, M.S. CCC-SLP
February 20, 2019

Today’s episode is all about practice management software with Beata Klarowska, M.S. CCC-SLP. Beata is a speech and language pathologist who started working on practice management software and apps after listening to a professor speak about telehelth s...

46. How to Become Redundant in Speech Therapy Private Practice
January 28, 2019

In a busy, growing speech therapy private practice, there simply isn’t enough time to make everything happen: Referrals, Faxing, Billing, Payments, Accounts Receivable, Follow Up, Service Delivery, Cleaning, Payroll, etc.

45. Teletherapy and Online Therapy Services: What You Must Know
November 27, 2018

In todays episode, I have a great conversation about online and telepractice therapy services with the founder and CEO of BlinkSession.com, Eric DeGrove. Eric and his wife, Rikki DeGrove, CCC-SLP sta