Speaking of Money with FCE Group

Speaking of Money with FCE Group

Episode 3: Active vs. Passive Investing

July 23, 2018

The decision of which investment style is best, active or passive, is a subject of much debate. In this episode of Speaking with Money with FCE Group, listeners will learn:

[1:42] The difference between active and passive investing, and why the average investor should care.

[2:47] The definition of market efficiency and the reason why many active managers don’t outperform

[3:58] Examples of less efficient asset classes where the odds of an active managers earning their keep are greater: emerging market equities and fixed income.

[7:02] How the structure of how the investment is held is independent of whether it is active or passive. Many people assume that mutual funds are actively managed whereas ETFs are all passively managed but this is not always the case.

[8:41] The process for deciding when to utilize an active or a passive strategy.

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