The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast | ELA

The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast | ELA

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223: Highly Recommended: The Bread Loaf School of English
September 21, 2023

This week lets talk about a unique masters program - and the one I did - The Bread Loaf School of English. Quick Details: Summer Program out of Middlebury College M.A. In English, but almost all par

222: Creative Halloween Activities for October in ELA
September 19, 2023

Have you reached for a turtleneck sweater yet? Bought one of those big pumpkins or bright purple mums at the stand along the road? Sipped your first spiced latte? It's that time of year again! As the

221: Highly Recommended: Ask for What you Want
September 14, 2023

This week lets talk a different kind of topic, asking for what you want in education. When I was five, my mom took me to a raspberry farm. I leaped out of the car, basket in hand, ready to harvest he

220: Try Teaching The College Essay like This
September 12, 2023

I have to admit that even though I wrote three college essays, got into college, went to college, got my graduate degree in English and taught English for many years, I never really understood the col

219: Highly Recommended: Vocaroo
September 07, 2023

This week lets talk about the simplest audio recording tool out there for students, Vocaroo. Getting into activities like student podcasting, multigenre projects involving audio, or film projects

218: A Beginner's Guide to using Podcasts in the Classroom
September 05, 2023

So you've heard the buzz about podcasts, and you're intrigued. You want to play an episode in class, but you wonder what that would even look like? What would kids do while they listen? What would the

217: Highly Recommended: Research with a Twist
August 31, 2023

This week lets talk about research, and the ways it shows up across the world these days. Because Id like to highly recommend you build some research activities into your class this year that dont

216: Let's Talk Graphic Novels with Jerry Craft
August 29, 2023

Today on the podcast, Im so excited to bring you the first writer ever to win three very important prizes in literature - the Newberry Award, The Kirkus Prize, and the Coretta Scott King Award - for

215: Highly Recommended: Book Trailers
August 25, 2023

This week I want to share a super simple strategy for building more book recommendations into your classes in just two or three minute installments, book trailers. I first heard the idea of Book Trai

214: Build a Bridge to the Library this Year
August 24, 2023

Librarians can help classroom teachers in sooooo many ways, and classroom teachers can return the favor by reminding kids they can always go further than the classroom library to the larger collection