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SparePixel Podcast - SPXp

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Episode 8: Are we a BvS podcast?
January 27, 2016

We talk briefly about the value in paid social media advertisement for your podcast before sliding down the inevitable Batman Vs Superman hill. While most podcasts  are doing reaction videos, we start doing Reenactment Videos when Ryan breaks down the ne

SPXp Episode 7.2 – The Force Awakens Spoilercast!
January 26, 2016

SparePixel gathers to discuss the fallout of Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the first time! We waited to release this episode until we felt it fair and reasonable to post spoilers. Having said that, if you still havenand#8217;t seen The Force Awakens,

Episode 7.1 : The Film Bastard watches the Star Wars O.T
December 31, 2015

*Star Wars The Force Awakens spoiler free* Fellow Youtuber, The Film Bastard, has never seen a single Star War. We decide to remedy that by watching the Original Trilogy with him and discussing each movie briefly as we go along. This also serves as a ref

Episode 6: The Probably Xmas Episode
December 10, 2015

On the agenda for this festive podcast: The Video Game Awards, Our most anticipated games of next year, Weight Watchers Bankruptcy at the hands of big Dairy, Our upcoming Christmas Special: and#8220;The Festive Week of Retroand#8221;, All I want for Chri

Episode 5: Frank Miller’s a racist. Allegedly.
October 14, 2015

SparePixel sits down with fellow #yqr YouTuber, The Film Bastard, to play a little Super Mario, a few rounds of Smash Bros, and to chat. We discuss Batman, Superman, the speed limit, oh and Frank Millerand#8217;s a racist. Allegedly. Visit The Film Basta

Episode 4: Episode 1: The Fellatio Menace
October 02, 2015

Upon realizing that we never actually had a legitimate first episode, we decide to sit down like the pros we are and take care of business. But as it all too often does, business quickly turns into a lengthy negotiation about our oral sex prices.

Episode 3: It’s more than just a box
October 02, 2015

Love getting shit in the mail? We are subscribed to boxes for our hygiene, our pets, our hobbies, and even our food! Screw email.

Episode 2: I don’t want to talk to you
October 02, 2015

There is nothing worse than running into people you havenand#8217;t seen since high school, well except actually being in high school.

Episode 1: “Burgercast”
October 02, 2015

The kind of sort of first episode of SPXp, the SparePixel Podcast. Not so much an episode, so much as it was us preparing to tackle Leopoldand#8217;s Tavernand#8217;s giant burger challenge. But it kicked off what would later become SPXp, and weand#8217;