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SPA Girls Podcast – EP411 – YouTube for Authors with Jenna Moreci
August 29, 2023

Author Jenna Moreci is a YouTube sensation! With almost 300k subscribers on her YouTube channel "Writing with Jenna Moreci", ten years of making videos, and over 28 MILLION views, she's produced an in

SPA Girls Podcast – EP410 – What To Do When Your Marketing Isn’t Working
August 23, 2023

Marketing but not achieving results? Maybe you need to do a bit of a deep dive into why. We've got some tips on where to start ...

SPA Girls Podcast – EP409 – Six Figures with Short Romance – with Sadie King
August 15, 2023

USA Today Bestseller, Sadie King has grown her publishing business from zero to six figures in less than four years, writing short instalove romances. Learn how she's done it ...

SPA Girls Podcast – EP408 – Branding for Authors
August 08, 2023

This week we take an in-depth look at author brands - starting with what branding actually means, what your branding should look like as an author, and then how you can make sure your author brand is

SPA Girls Podcast – EP407 – Making Your Books Addictive with Alessandra Torre
August 01, 2023

What is it EXACTLY that makes a book addictive? How do twists and turns come into play? And how do you create these elements with any genre of books?

SPA Girls Podcast – EP406 – Subscriptions For Authors & Ream
July 25, 2023

Today were joined by two dynamic guests - author Emilia Rose and Michael Evans, co-founds of the REAM subscription service for authors. We cover a LOT in this episode - from what is the Creator Ec

SPA Girls – EP405 – Hotwire Your Publishing Plan For The Holidays
July 18, 2023

We know there are still 5.5 months to go until the end of the year! But!! We think its important to start getting organized for the final push. Ads, blurbs, covers. In the SPA today we talk about the

SPA Girls Podcast – EP404 – Interview with Ana Huang
July 12, 2023

This week we go in-depth with USA Today, international and #1 Amazon bestselling author of new adult and contemporary romance, Ana Huang. Aside from being very successful (check out her Twisted series

SPA Girls Podcast – Ep403 – How Not To Fail at Self-publishing
July 04, 2023

Were looking at failure and putting a different slant on it. By changing the way you think of failing at a certain thing and thinking of it as simply a part of learning. You are future proofing the w

SPA Girls Podcast – EP402 – GMC for genres
June 27, 2023

Back in 1996, author Debra Dixon published Goal, Motivation and Conflict and ever since the letters GMC have been tattooed on our brains