SoulShine: The Act of Being F*ing Awesome

SoulShine: The Act of Being F*ing Awesome

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Time and Energy Management
November 11, 2022

In this episode we quickly focus on values and how they can help drive our decision-making and prioritizing. We get practical with time management, but we also try to go deeper about how to be mindful

Listen up, Baby!
November 11, 2022

Its hard to actually listen and listen well. In this episode the hosts explore their own pitfalls and areas of growth with listening and the intentions, habits, and skills that they believe would lea

Cuz We Are Living in a Consumerist World…
November 11, 2022

and we are (trying not to be) material girls. Amazon, takeout, buy-with-one-click, oh my! Its a money-guzzling jungle out there. The hosts try to be honest with their materialistic ways in this epis

Thinking in the Gray
November 11, 2022

Its hard to think in the middle when anxiety is so good at pushing us to far end of catastrophizing. In this episode, we discuss how to recognize all or nothing thinking and ways to get out of that u

November 11, 2022

One of our favorite millennial topics- therapy! But was it, actually? How do we know its working? What kind of therapist is Emily K? Listen to find out!

The Comparing Mind
November 11, 2022

Welcome to season 4! It was delightful for the Emilys to be back together sharing ideas, weird to be talking separately due to covid, and so nice to be getting back in touch with what soulshine is all

Season 3 Finale!
December 06, 2021

Dear listeners, this season was produced during the pandemic. We thought it might be pretty hard but, were getting better at recording and we LOVE this podcast, so it was a joy to do. Well end with

Ram Dass
November 08, 2021

Ram was enlightened AF. The Emilys discuss his life after discovering meditation and spirituality. Ram said, People dont seem to know that they are soul. We pinch ourselves to know were alive in th

Vision Boards
October 26, 2021

The episode thats been talked about since season one! Emily O. has had a vision board since she was 20. Emily K. has seen it work with clients and has one herself. These special boards help to bring

Soul Train
October 14, 2021

Dancing is allowed but not required for this episode. The hosts come at this topic from different angles, but ultimately discuss the soul beneath all of the roles we play on a daily basis. Whats bene