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Season 3, Episode 1: "I Make Nxggas My Girlfriends" with @LexTheBeautyy
February 10, 2020

@LexTheBeautyy joins Something LIghT™ Podcast to talk her shit! Ani Cee, Laysha and Lex talk about telling your friends the truth, friendship compatibility and signs, loving on BBWs, Surviving R. Kelly (Part 2): The Reckoning and mental health on Love and

Season 2, Episode 8: "So, MILF Porn? That's What You Be Watchin'?!" with @SelectaJigga
December 16, 2019

For the sake of technical difficulties at the beginning, let's just call this a bonus episode! The episode truly starts at about 34:04, so if you can't get through the ladies complaining feel free to jump forward. Ani Cee and Laysha D. discuss Shiggy's ap

Season 2, Episode 7: "Is This Fxcking Linoleum?!"
December 02, 2019

Serial guest Dro and Eric aka Juice made an appearance for this week's episode! This might be the trippiest episode yet considering that everyone was inebriated including Ani and Laysha (from Sangria and contact that is).  Along with Dro and Juice, t

Season 2, Episode 6: "So...You Ain't Never Have Crip Dxck?!" with @WannaBabyy
November 18, 2019

Very Special Guest Wanna (@wannababyy) came through to show the ladies some love! What didn't Wanna talk about with Ani and Laysha?! The ladies discussed growing up in Brooklyn, preferring "get togethers" over parties, traditional events that aren't so tr

Season 2, Episode 5: "I Gave Him The Throatalator 5000" with Sex & The Gritty in NYC
October 22, 2019

Happy Birthday Ani Cee!!!! For Ani Cee's birthday Something LIghT Podcast bought back Sex & The Gritty in NYC's own Kay Creme and Sash Milli! The ladies decided to go with their faves and, based on the stats, your faves too in order to do their usual

Season 2, Episode 4: "Come...Let Me Sit On Your Face" with Sex & The Gritty in NYC
July 22, 2019

WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW CHILE!!!!!!!!! This episode is by far, the spiciest collaboration known to man. PERIOD. Something LIghT Podcast and Sex & The Gritty in NYC's hosts Kay and Sash, come together to give you raw and unfiltered realness and you're d

Season 2, Episode 3: "Bxtches Gotta Take A Field Trip To Rikers Now?"
June 10, 2019

Something LIghT™  graces you with another LIT episode of pure foolishness. Ani Cee and Laysha discuss She's Gotta Have It and the lack of Brooklyn authenticity, Black Mirrors in all its strangeness, and just how fine Jharrel Jerome is, in When They

Season 2, Episode 2: "Wow, I'm In An Uproar!"
March 25, 2019

 Something LIghT™ continues Season 2 being even more problematic! Who would have thought that was possible? Join Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle as they discuss pegging, milking, their sexual limits with men, Young M.A., reparations and jealous mothers

Season 2, Episode 1: "Is This Something LIghT™ or Something Shady?!"
January 28, 2019

Something LIghT surely started off Season 2 with a bang! Roc (the host) of Unpopular Opinion Podcast and Duce, 1/4 of Cognac Chronicles Podcast, join Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle as they catch up on everything they didn't get to address since last season's

Episode 19: Entrapment - Battle of the Sexes
December 10, 2018

Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle were so sure they were going to win this one, but they were no match for the guys' team! Returning guests Dro and Butta, and new guests David and Jah challenge every question that comes their way. It was already an unfair advan