Something About Nothing

Something About Nothing

Latest Episodes

Ep. 16 – W’re Still A-“Live”
November 07, 2016

In this episode, we laugh a lot and tell jokes and even live stream our performance, it’s all really a lot of fun… and then Ninny talks.

Ep. 15 – And We’re Back!
May 11, 2016

After a 2.5 month hiatus we’re back! We’ve got some catching up to do. Some talks about flags. Also, Tim gets upset about magazines.

Ep. 14 – It’s a Damn Dilly Bar
February 24, 2016

Fun talks, games, then less fun talks, but still awesome.

Ep. 13 – Mat(t)
January 29, 2016

Today we have a guest and Tim displays his great prowess of automobiles.

Ep. 12 – We’re So Dumb
January 10, 2016

Really no set topics and we end up talking about Legos and Frozen… and Jeff is grumpy.

Ep. 11 – RIP 2015
December 31, 2015

On this episode we talk about the good times that was 2015. We say goodbye in our own way and welcome in the new year!

Ep. 10 – Jeff-a-pod-looza
December 07, 2015

This time we talk about Jeff. It’s spectacular.

Ep. 9 – Go (Verb) Yourself
December 02, 2015

We chit-chat, we play some mad-libs… you know… adult shit.

Ep. 8 – It’s A Trap!
November 23, 2015

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars.

Ep. 7 – Seriously, We Got Drunk
November 16, 2015

Just as the title says, we got drunk… Hilarity ensues.