The Retirement Rescue Podcast

The Retirement Rescue Podcast

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Ep. 172: 9 Ways to Use Your Extra Cash
July 12, 2022

Many Americans were able to build up their savings accounts during COVID and now have extra cash at their disposal. With inflation on the rise, sitting on cash isnt the best long-term strategy so wha

Ep 171: Is It Time to Panic?
June 01, 2022

No matter where you look, theres very little positive financial news right now. Inflation is soaring. Markets are tumbling. Supply chain issues continue. Youre probably wondering if this time is dif

Ep 170: Why Soaring Home Prices are a Great Thing
May 01, 2022

Real estate prices have been soaring over the past few years and that has plenty of people worrying about a bubble coming. Rather than stressing over something that may or may not happen, take time to

Ep 169: How Do Markets React to Major Events?
April 01, 2022

Weve all been keeping an eye on the events happening in Ukraine and many people have been asking us what it might mean to the economy in the near term and the long term. Today well share an article

Ep 168: Making Planned Gifts Before Death
March 04, 2022

Having to handle the estate of a loved one can be a difficult time because of the emotional ramifications that come along with making these financial decisions. We found an interesting article that ex

Ep 167: The Inflation Impact on Planning
February 01, 2022

Its impossible to ignore the rising costs in everyday expenses right now and its clear that inflation will need to be incorporated into planning moving forward. Today well explore the impact inflat

Ep 166: Secure Act 2.0 - What You Need to Know
July 29, 2021

The SECURE Act, when rolled out in 2020, was some of the most significant retirement legislation in years, but the government is already discussing further changes. Lets run through the list of propo

Ep 165: Learning Through Uncommon Sense
June 17, 2021

The statements well run though on the show today are basic common sense that nearly everyone would agree with, but our behave often doesnt line up. Today look at these straight-forward approaches an

Ep 164: Financial Planning in Biden’s America
May 20, 2021

On todays show, were going to be talking about financial planning in President Bidens America. Were past his 100th day in office, so lets take a look at the impacts in financial planning and the

Ep 163: Flirting with Financial Disaster
April 08, 2021

Comprehensive planning takes care of every aspect of retirement, but without it there are areas that could quickly become a calamity. Today well identify five key areas where people dont pay enough