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Covid-19 and Capitalism: the science and the social/economic context
April 24, 2020

Let’s start with the origins of this pandemic. Where did Covid-19 come from? For the past few decades now, there’s been an uptick in these emerging diseases, which are products of capitalism’s disruption of the relationship between humans and earth’s e...

Ecosocialist School between two comrades
February 06, 2020

Audio from a recording between Stephen and Matt Each year the International Institute of Research and Education in Amsterdam, the education arm of the Fourth International, conducts an annual event entitled the Ecosocialist School.

Struggle for Health Justice
January 31, 2020

Audio from Boston Socialist Day School 2019. This panel covers a wide range of topics touching on health justice. The panelists represent perspectives of both those who receive healthcare and healthcare workers.

Why the Working Class and the Rank & File Strategy
December 05, 2019

Labor Notes: Workers' Struggles 2017 (photos: James Leder; Susan Ruggles (CC BY 2.0); SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana; Dan DiMaggio) At the Boston DSA/Solidarity Socialist Day School in September,