Customer Service Culture [EN]

Customer Service Culture [EN]

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#25 Close the loop with your front line
July 04, 2023

Whenever you need to deal internally with other departments to handle a customer query, here are the consequences if you don't close the loop.

#24 Stand out or go home! Said the customer
June 06, 2023

Out there too many voices are asking for customer's attention, time and money. Here's how you can stand out becoming the number one customer's choice.

#23 That line of support that keeps you up
May 10, 2023

I have finished delivering a 5-month customer service training path for a french client company. On the very last session I delved into a specific topic, also known as second line of support. Since th

#22 Do customers perceive your values?
April 11, 2023

Many companies have set up their corporate values, but there's often a gap between them and how customers perceive them. These 3 laser focus questions will help you deep dive into your current state o

#21 Customer conversations: why timing is key
March 14, 2023

Paolo Fabrizio tells about an important lesson learnt back in 1995 and why it is still relevant. Because 'timing' in your digital customer conversations is key, today more than ever.

#20 Learning by training customer support teams
November 15, 2022

Since experiences speak louder than words, I tell you about my recent training sessions that I've held for various customer service teams. The reason why? I gave them tons energy and information, but

#19 How to prevent support agents burnout
October 16, 2022

What are you doing to prevent your support agents burnout? How do you timely detect the first dangerous symptoms? In this episode Paolo Fabrizio shares 3 actionable tips. Read full article >> https://

#18 Happy employees for happy customers - with Sarah Metcalfe
July 14, 2020

If you build a thriving workplace for your employees you'll have happy customers. In this podcast I've interviewed Sarah Metcalfe providing great insights about how to achieve such a crucial goal.Re

#17 Towards a mobile customer service era w/Martin Hill-WIlson
December 19, 2016

In this podcast I host Martin Hill-WIlson, customer service expert, talking about how social networks, Apps and chat bots are dramatically changing CS. Enjoy this special episode. *** *** *** Read full article here:

#16 How to benchmark customer support on Twitter - w/Dean McCann
October 04, 2016

In this episode Paolo Fabrizio interviews Dean McCann founder of HelpHandles, a platform that analyzes brands customer support performances on Twitter.Read full article here: