Soberman Podcast | A Comedic Slice of Urban Life

Soberman Podcast | A Comedic Slice of Urban Life

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Episode 253 Jacked Up On Coffee Now Meditate
March 18, 2018

Social media ingrate

Episode 252 Two Guys Named Joe
March 11, 2018

Please don't dump the soup

Episode No # A Short One
March 04, 2018

Family Issues

Episode 251 The Answer Is Really Blowin In The Wind
February 25, 2018

Thank you for supporting the Girl Scouts

Episode 250 Do They Ever Clean Restrooms In The Park
February 18, 2018

Playing accoustic in traffic

Episode 249 Vegan Lady Craving Meat
February 11, 2018

Facebook Algorythm Panic

Rpisode 248 Don't Worry About The Likes
February 04, 2018

It's noisy on the Internet

Episode 247 Four Rights Do Make A Left
January 28, 2018

Where workers pee

Episode 246 Thai Food Advice From A Fat Guy
January 21, 2018

Searching For Your Pedicure Soul Mate

Episode 245 I'm No Psychopath But I'm Hungry
January 14, 2018

Porn hackers