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Small Business Talk Cathy Smith

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What are the Real Cyber Risks For Small Businesses?
September 17, 2020

What are the Real Cyber Risks For Small Businesses? It's becoming very well known that humans and people are a huge risk, if not the biggest risk, when it comes to cyber security. It’s important to train people and staff to eliminate the risk and create h

RU OK- Will your business survive into 2021
September 10, 2020

RU OK What are you doing to make sure your business survives into 2021 and beyond? 2020 has definitely been a strange year for all of us in business and the chance of burn out is very high. The question is will your business survive and even grow in the

5 strategies to ensure you have the mindset to take the Small out of Small business
September 03, 2020

Remove the Word Small From Your Business. People often think of a small business being just that, but certainly here in Australia that is not the case. Our language is really telling, and if you tell yourself "I just run a small business." That in itself

How to Rock It in the Last Quarter for Your Business
August 26, 2020

Can you believe it is only 4 months to Christmas so that means, we will be heading into the 4th Business Quarter very soon. How has your year been? For everyone 2020 has been a year like no other in our lifetime. For some, it has been an amazing year in

How to Focus the Human Aspect of Your Business Make Your Business Better
August 20, 2020

How to Focus the Human Aspect of Your Business Make Your Business Better. Have a Meaningful Mission, For companies to develop a good mission, a good purpose, it needs to be meaningful and not only focus only on profits. A business should focus on bringin

SEO What Is It and Why It’s Important for My Website
August 12, 2020

touched on SEO. I have had a few requests to explain further about SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. What is it and why is SEO important for your website. So today, let’s talk about SEO. How to Get Found on Google, On-Page SEO, Customer Focused, Off-Page

Website Essentials What Your Website Really Needs
August 05, 2020

Cathy Smith from CATCO Enterprises tells us about website essentials what your website really needs when the tables are turned and our host becomes the guest. Learn some of Cathy's insights on websites and after having run a successful marketing business

Being Busy Might Be Ruining Your Business
July 29, 2020

Being Busy Might Be Ruining Your Business! Busy for Busy Sake​.What Did You Do Today?​ Classic Time Waster or Busywork​. Listen to episode 078 of Small Business Talk to find out more.

The Value of Listening to Your Clients to Grow Your Business
July 22, 2020

“No matter your industry, no matter the problem you are trying to solve for someone, you must learn how to be a great listener. Business owners are often stressed, particularly in the current economy, and I’ve guided some through really high-pressure situ

Digital Marketing Tips You Wont Want to Miss
July 16, 2020

Digital Marketing is a very broad subject here are some tips that you won't want to miss. Today I pose 5 digital marketing questions that I get asked all the time and give you answers and tips that you can use in your business.