Small Business Talk Cathy Smith

Small Business Talk Cathy Smith

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Is Overwhelm Killing Your Business With Nicola Ward
March 03, 2021

Is Overwelm Killing Your Business With Nicola Ward. As small business owners time is precious. We all have the same amount of time in a day, but why do some of us appear to have a more balanced life than others? Time management helps you organise and plan

How to do a Podcast
February 24, 2021

There are many different ways to do a podcast for many different reasons. Before you start, think about your why. Why do you want to do a podcast? What do you want to achieve by doing a podcast? Where are you going to put your podcast and many more questi

Tips to Write Sucessful Tenders for Your Business with David Ashton
February 17, 2021

Tips to write sucessful tenders for your business with David Ashton. Every business has an opportunity to submit a tender. There's no stopping you in that in the sense that it's available to all businesses. Whether you're successful in putting in a compli

Your Most Important Business Assets
February 10, 2021

Your Most Important Business Assets. Now you might think that it is going to be a dry subject but your most important business asset is your domain name, bear with me and I will show you why. Your domain name is where your website lives and your emails s

How to Have an Effective Sales Conversation?
February 03, 2021

How to Have an Effective Sales Conversation? Wouldn't you like to know how to have an effective sales conversation? Small Business Talk guest Wendy Corner gives us some excellent tips plus a couple of bonus tips about how to convert your conversation to Z

4 Things That Could Save Your Business
January 27, 2021

After the excitement of a being a business owner, founder, the entrepreneur has worn off, sometimes you look back and wonder why you want into business at all. Yes, being in business can be a romantic dream of freedom, calling the shots, having time off

Website Essentials for 2021
January 21, 2021

Why Should You Have a Website at all? In this era of social media being the thing and a new platform popping up every 5 minutes, you might be wondering whether having a website is really needed at all? If so, how do you make it work for you? There is a

Do You Enjoy Your Business
January 13, 2021

How Has Your 2021 Started Off? Have you been able to shake off the 2020 blues, or have they lingered? Yes, I know in some countries and parts of the world the pandemic is worse than ever. And I feel for you. Many businesses have grown, thrived, and even

Social Media for 2021
January 06, 2021

100 episodes I can not believe it! What to do for the 100th Episode? When we hit 50 episodes, I thought I would have a party, however, it was Christmas time and with holidays and all, I decided to dream of maybe reaching 100 episodes and do it then. Well

Get Your Business into 2021
December 30, 2020

To get your business into 2021 you need to start now. And it will take more than just goal setting and planning. With the year that was 2020 I thought in today’s episode it would be good to replay Amy van Meijl’s episode #037 Is Negative Self Talk Holding