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Season 4 Episode 6 Why stay when you go now
January 23, 2022

Today's Topic Why they travel and Why it matters PodcastShow Flow From the point of view of the Agrarian Society Why it is so important War Trading Migration Jobs / Education Religion Curiosity

Season 4 Episode 5 Finding your Worldbuilding People
January 17, 2022

Today's Topic Part 3 on Worldbuilding culture nouns PodcastShow Flow The parts of Culture Characters served up last season People Starting in the last episode of season 4 Religion People Que

Episode 160 - This was Small Biz Life
October 04, 2018

This was the toughest week for us at Small Biz Life We started this project with being ambitions, however, we had to make the tough choice to close it done. We love our members and hope that the future access to this content will help you as you...

Episode 159 - The key to good productivity systems
September 30, 2018

Kristin and Jeff start a new series about productivity systems, techniques, tools, or hacks. Join us as we review what is important to look at when you are trying to improve your productivity. For complete show notes check out the podcast on @...

Episode 158 - How to make new habits stick
September 23, 2018

We all have failed at creating new habits. We maybe even think that we are not good at creating habits. Join Kristin and Jeff as we look at how to make those new habits stick. For complete show notes check out the podcast on @ Making...

Episode 157 - How to know when your lead is ready to buy
September 16, 2018

Sales can be a problem for many small business owners. Jeff was no exception. The problem most of the time was knowing when a client was ready to close. If you struggle with your sales system, join Jeff and Kristin as we talk about our system to know...

Episode 156 - What to look for in a small business cellphone
September 09, 2018

Episode 156 - What to look for in a small business cellphone Have you ever thought about what you really need your cell phone to do? Some phones are better than others in key areas that affect your business. In this episode, we discuss what to look...

Episode 155 - Responsibility sharing
September 02, 2018

We often get asked how we do it all (raising our son while running two businesses and Kristin's teaching and being director of a graduate program) and still get along with each other. Today we discuss one of our most important tools: responsibility...

Episode 154 - Marketing outside the box
August 26, 2018

The 4 tips to help you to think differently about your marketing New prerecording time on Facebook Wednesdays 3:30 EST for content providers for selling courses and books Look at companies who serve your client More than gift cards  Links...

Episode 153 - Being a small business owner doesn't have to be lonely
August 19, 2018

As a solopreneur or small business owner, it is common to get caught up at your desk and as the digital world makes it easier to work from home. It can lead to chronic loneliness. Join Kristin and Jeff as we talk about the signs of loneliness and what...