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Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 28 – A Dark and Stormy Night in Alabama
September 16, 2019

Two episodes in a row? We're back, baby! Win a hunting trip with Donald Jr. as we hunt for his chin and missing shoulders. John Bolton and his mustache are now panhandling in DC. Trump is single-handedly trying to save Alabama from Hurricane Dorian but...

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 27 – Five Months Dark
August 30, 2019

At least we think it's #27. We lost the historical records in the move. Anyway, after a 'brief' hiatus, the boys bring you a shocking reveal in the biggest twist in Slugnuts Radio Hour history! We talk about female soccer players and display our incred...

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 26 – The House with Trolls in the Basement
March 10, 2019

After another long absence the boys try to get this thing airborne again. They talk about Mike's recent trip to Australia so you'll have to play this episode backwards. A little discussion of the Cohen hearings and racism. Oscar recaps,

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 25 – Tough Times in Ted Town
October 31, 2018

Season 2 means you don't have to wait months between shows!! (At least for this episode...) Kyle and Mike discuss personal encounters with the Conservative hive then some discussion on record early voting and registrations in front of midterms.

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 24 – The Boy in the Long Black Robe
October 15, 2018

Episode #24 - "The Boy in the Long Black Robe"   The guys officially kick off the highly anticipated Season 2 of their award-whining podcast. This episode brought to you by Kava-Nachos, the snack for judges who like beer.

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 23 – Two Boars in Singapore
June 30, 2018

Episode #23 - Two Boars in Singapore - The boys dust off their microphones and cover the exciting times unfolding as America finally attacks its true enemy, Canada, and cozies up to North Korea. Putin is the kid on Christmas Day who realizes he's gett...

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 22 – The Call is Coming From Inside the White House
May 03, 2018

  Some crazy, homeless dude calls into Fox and Friends pretending to be the President. Eventually, the anchors catch on and cut him off after thirty short minutes in which he admits to the Stormy Daniels affair and ruins Michael Cohen's legal strategy...

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 21 – Deep in the Red
April 09, 2018

The episode so nice we recorded it twice! The guys heroically overcome technical difficulties to deliver another award-winning episode. Trump employs the military to fight his imaginary border invasion while starting a very real trade war on other fron...

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 20 – Midnight Train to Nunberg
March 11, 2018

Midnight Train to Nunberg - The Slugnuts team celebrates the one year anniversary of the podcast with the twentieth episode. Trump and Kim Jong-un are set to have a meeting of the mindless. We talk about those liberal,

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 19 – Prayed to Death
February 25, 2018

  The boys are back after a long wait ready to make people laugh but....unfortunately we have to focus a whole episode, again, on another school shooting and the lack of preventative ideas from our leadership.  Hard to mine comedy from a graveyard.