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The Greatest Minds Reunite
October 06, 2016

The Greatest Minds of a Generation branch out to see their first Independent show! Find out how GLORIOUS of a time “Over Easy” and “The Motha Fuckin Musical” had at Freelance Wrestling, right here on episode 21 of….the Slobberknockerrrrrrr!!!!!

Clash of Stupid Idiots
September 28, 2016

Half of the Greatest Minds of a Generation, Michael Palmenderi “The Motha Fuckin Musical” is back with John Sullivan, “Sully, The World’s Strongest Manager!” How’s the brand split going with each show and their pay per views?

Personal Wrestling Origins
September 09, 2016

We are back for ROUND 2 with Sully The World’s Strongest Manager! Join half of the greatest minds of a generation, Michael Palmenderi “The Motha Fuckin Musical” as John and I talk about how we got into watching pro-wrestling as well as the brand split!...

Sully, The World’s Strongest Manager!
August 31, 2016

Not even Finn Balor’s alter ego could interrupt this episode as one half of the greatest minds in wrestling today, Michael Palmenderi ‘The Mother Fucking Musical’ interviews John Sullivan (Sully, The World’s Strongest Manager).

Talkin’ With The Pros!
August 25, 2016

While 1/2 of the greatest minds in pro-wrestling, ‘Over Easy’ Kyle Adams, is out on an injury, Michael Palmenderi ‘The Motha F*ckin Musical’ sits down with the host of the very popular podcast, The Entertainment Buffet, Brandon Prosek!

Summerslam Countdown
August 19, 2016

The greatest minds in wrestling today talk about story lines leading up to Summerslam and also bring you the very first Promo Showdown Battle, right here on this episode of….The Slobberknocker!!!!!! Listen here on the site or in iTunes!

Legends of the Round Table
August 04, 2016

Michael and Kyle welcome their special guest, Paris Rembert! Paris is a fellow pro-wrestling fan we met at The Squared Circle in Chicago and we liked him so much, we had to bring him on the show to hear his story.

The Draft!
July 28, 2016

Michael Palmenderi drafts a co-host to the main roster, Kyle Adams! The show has changed it’s format because it’s what the millions…AND MILLIONS of the fans wanted! Listen to the greatest minds talk about pro-wrestling on this episode of…the Slobberkno...

Still Real To Us
June 30, 2016

Join me and my special guest and long time friend, Kyle Adams, as we discuss our love of pro-wrestling, childhood memories, and Kyle’s pick for top 3 matches of all time! All this and more on this episode of…the Slobberknocker!!!

June 08, 2016

Going back home can feel great, but going back home to see a live wrestling event is even better. Two trains, two cars, and friends passionate about wrestling head home to watch SMACKDOWN LIVE on this episode of the SLOBBERKNOCKERRRRRRRRRR.