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The Sleep Nanny Show

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What Is A Dream Feed and How Do We Do It?
November 03, 2020 What is a dream feed? In short, a dream feed is a ‘proactive’ feed that you offer your baby while they are asleep.  It’s a great option if you […]

Bosses with Babies, Snoozeshade inventor Cara Sayer
October 26, 2020

Welcome to my Bosses with Babies podcast series where I talk to entrepreneur mums who have built their successful business while raising little ones! This week I am talking to […]

Baby Sleep Schedule During Daylight Savings 2020
October 20, 2020

It’s that time of year again when everyone gets just-a-little-bit confused about what time it is. There are an increased number of reported road traffic accidents on the day after […]

Sleep Talking with…Emma Lambert
October 13, 2020

This week I am Sleep Talking with Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant and mum of 2, Emma Lambert. We discuss her journey into becoming a sleep consultant, the joys and challenges […]

Sleep Training Is Nonsense!
September 14, 2020

Learning to fall asleep is just that – a learned skill – it is something we actively teach our babies to do whether you realise it or not. How much […]

Sleep Talking with Lucy Piper
August 31, 2020

This week I am ‘Sleep Talking’ with friend of mine and TV presenter Lucy Piper. Lucy and I met working on The Baby Show which she has presented for 16 […]

Sleep Talking with Jenni Dunman – Daisy First Aid
August 17, 2020

This week I am Sleep Talking with Jenni Dunman of Daisy First Aid.   Prior to creating her business, Jenni was a police officer in London and experienced a vast number […]

Sleep Talking with Ashley Wilson @amothersedit
August 03, 2020

This week I am Sleep Talking with Ashley Wilson, Instagram star and founder of the fashion and lifestyle site.  She is mum to 2 beautiful girls Vivienne and Margot. […]

Sleep Talking with Jools Oliver….
July 20, 2020

This week I am ‘Sleep Talking with…’ the amazing Jools Oliver! Jools is a busy mum to five kids, Poppy Honey, 18, Daisy Boo, 17, Petal Blossom, 11, and Buddy Bear, […]

Baby Wakes as Soon as Put Down!
July 13, 2020

Do you find yourself holding your baby until they’re asleep and every time you try to put him down, he wakes up? You’re not alone, I am contacted by tired […]