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The Sleep Nanny Show

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Audience Question – 3 Year Old Sleep Regression
December 30, 2019

I received a fabulous question from one of my audience members; Three year old Joe gets so overtired during the day, because he doesn’t nap anymore.   Should Mum reintroduce a […]

1 Year Old Sleep Schedule
December 09, 2019

    How much sleep does your 1 year old need? How does this change from 12-18 months? And what impact does it have on your little one if they’re […]

9 Month old Sleep Training
November 18, 2019

  Question: Hello. My son is nine months next week and ever since he was born he slept through until about three months, then he started to wake up in […]

Juggling Business and Babies
October 28, 2019

Mum guilt – this is a real thing! Especially if you are a mum that works, or you have your own business, because your work can dominate your thoughts a […]

Sleep Safety
October 21, 2019

Co-sleeping and various sleep products cause controversy around sleep safety but it’s important to be in the know. In this video I delve into what parents really need to know […]

Baby Jet Lag (audience question)
October 14, 2019

Get our FREE printable quick guide to learn how to handle travel and time zone changes with your child >>> download now Become a Sleep Nanny Insider – it’s Free! […]

Distracted Parenting
October 07, 2019

Living in a digital age filled with distractions presents even more ‘mum-guilt’ and knowing how to navigate this all new! We are the first generation to have to figure out how […]

Strong Willed Child
September 30, 2019

Understanding how to respond to little ones depending on their unique temperament traits will help you to find the most effective way to help them sleep soundly too. We know […]

Sleep Training Methods
September 23, 2019

Why is it that some babies start sleeping through the night blissfully within just a matter of months while yours seems to be taking forever? Of course, we are all […]

How do you do an ‘animated wake-up’ when siblings are sharing?
September 16, 2019

 What is ‘animated wake up’? It is a technique used to show a child that it’s time to get up. It can also be used to break the cycle […]