Sleep Talking

Sleep Talking

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Episode 21 - Live From Jordan!
February 08, 2016

In this episode we talk to Ben while he's in Amman, Jordan! Come learn about the mystic wonders of his trip.

Episode 20 - Ben Leaves FOREVER?!
January 25, 2016

Where's Ben going? What's happening to the podcast? Anyhoot, we got an email.

Episode 19 - It's Been A Week
December 24, 2015

Legit bro. Schools out, fools pout. This ep we're free as a bee my man.

Episode 18 - Organ Donor
December 15, 2015

In this week Matt realizes he fucked up. We also discuss Elon Musk, trigger warnings, and our plans to record in person (all three of us!).

Episode 17 - Foreign Policy and Pasadena
December 08, 2015

B-B-B-Ben's week y'all. This week Ben's assignment was to make a 2 year plan to move forward from recent terrorist events. We talk foreign policy. We talk about Pasadena.

Episode 16 - BeatHoven
November 30, 2015

David's week of musical wonders. This week, Matt and Ben decided to be dicks and had David make a song in the style of Beethoven, dubstep, and native american goodness. This episode also had some trap in it y'all. AND GUESS WHAT?! WE RECEIVED OUR...

Episode 15 - Eliza
November 23, 2015

Matt's week! Ben and David had Matt make a script retelling his relationship with a certain individual. His script was a lot more blunt than expected.

Episode 14 - Where Art Thou? (Feat. Arthur!)
November 16, 2015

This is a very special episode. Arthur, yes THE Arthur, has graced us with his presence. But it gets better. Ben and Arthur are with David in his bedroom for this episode. This is Ben's week and Matt and David's assignment for Ben was a chapter out of...

Episode 13 - ILLUMINATI (Fetty Wap Parody)
November 09, 2015

It's David's musical week of wonders. This week David had to make a Fetty Wap parody that includes a bit of Adele. There's also three other rappers you might recognize on the track. It's safe to say that this shit is lit.

Episode 12 - When A Player Gets Played
November 02, 2015

It's Matt's week! Ben and David made Matt write a script about Lamar Odom's recent... events. A work of fiction that contains everyone from the Kardashians to the very sassy 'PR'.