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Episode 20: Why Price Isn't The Problem & How To Charge More For Your Online Course
September 28, 2020

In this episode, I want to help you avoid obsessing over what to price your services, offerings and programs and instead turn your mind to the value you can create which makes price irrelevant in the mind of your buyer. So, instead of finding more "stuff

019: How To Stop Hiding & 3 Non-Scary Ways You Must Take Now To Step Out & Shine
May 15, 2020

In this week's episode of Sky High Results Online with Victoria Gibson, I'm calling you out from hiding to start sharing more of yourself and get out of that visibility loop that keeps you stuck in defeat. Too often I see women coaches and consultants ch

018: How To Get Over Your Blocks To Making Offers
May 07, 2020

Despite your best efforts when looking to attract more clients, often the biggest barrier standing in the way is YOU! You spend endless hours creating and producing your great work into valuable offers and then get to the stage where you're ready to shar

017: 6 Ways To Power Up Your Online Marketing This Month
April 16, 2020

In thinking more about why coaches and consultants don't keep growing (or even gain momentum in the first place), I drilled down to 6 key fundamentals that you need to improve your income and grow your success in business. The 6 P's that I outline on thi

016: How To Tune In To The Frequency Of Buyers
March 04, 2020

In this episode of Sky High Results Online Podcast, I'm talking about what to do when your marketing falls on deaf ears... and how to stop spiralling into a pit of self-doubt and crisis. The big problem is so many coaches and consultants know the magic o

015: Why Your Online Course Isn’t Selling And What To Do Instead
February 20, 2020

In this episode, I wanted to share with you the reasons why your online course isn't selling and what you can do instead to create repeatable sales and use your expertise in a leveraged way that gets your clients great results. The big problem is so ma

014: Selling Evergreen Online Courses With Facebook Ads With Alanna Kaivalya
July 17, 2018

Join Victoria Gibson and her client Alanna Kaivalya as they share the strategy behind creating constant online course sales using Facebook Ads.

013: Building An Epic Brand & Making A Bigger Impact With Your Business | With Franziska Iseli
April 25, 2017

we cover 3 Step Brand-Building Process bio: - enter SKY HIGH as the subject to claim your free ticket to a Blast Off Workshop

012: The Art Of Launching | With Anne Samoilov
November 15, 2016

Today I’m welcoming Anne Samoilov from she helps entrepreneurs launch their big ideas… and the very first launch she worked on was Marie Forleo’s B-School! Free resources:

011: The New Wave Of Sustainability In Business | With Laura Trotta
October 25, 2016

Environmental engineer turned leading voice on sustainability, Laura Trotta is guiding thousands of followers and clients around to world to create sustainable homes and conscious businesses. A relative veteran in the online world, Laura founded her...