Sketch Sandwich with Jason & Natashia

Sketch Sandwich with Jason & Natashia

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January 28, 2017

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Sketch Sandwich 005: “It’s a Gentle Forcing” With Derek Sheen
December 17, 2015

In this episode of Sketch Sandwich Jason and Natashia are joined by Chef Leonard Pettigrew to talk about his new book, ‘We Can Make It Work.’ ‘We Can Make It Work,’ is a cookbook for people that have extreme food allergies,

Sketch Sandwich 004: “Tell Me a Joke”
August 19, 2015

On this episode of Sketch Sandwich, Jason and Natashia decide to take what’s supposed to be a leisurely stroll through Liberty Park. Their walk is quickly interrupted by two bizarre ‘hacky sackers,’ who recognize Jason from his comedy and pressure him ...

Sketch Sandwich 003: It’s In the Cards
May 21, 2015

Episode #3 | Jason & Natashia watch a commercial for a Tarot Card reader and then find him knocking on the door moments later. They unwisely allow him to do a reading for them and lose all hope for the future. So,

Sketch Sandwich 002: That’s Some Good Social Media
May 11, 2015

In this episode of Sketch Sandwich, Natashia recruits Christopher Stephenson to help stage an intervention for Jason.They confront him about his addiction to oversharing on social media and its impact on their lives. Feelings get hurt,

Sketch Sandwich 001: Traumatic Hot Dogs
March 12, 2015

In the inaugural episode of Sketch Sandwich, Jason and Natashia find themselves in way over their heads when they get “advice” from an experienced broadcaster they’re introduced to by their producer. They learn about DJ voices, radio bits,