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February 08, 2017

Yas Queen: The Podcast presents... Courtesy Bottoms! On today's episode, Ash and Ben are courtesy bottoming for their first Oscar contender, Barry Jenkins' Moonlight! On this featurette your boys do you the courtesy of taking in bad gay movies so you...

Coin Heist (A Netflix Original Movie)
January 08, 2017

Netflix has a new original movie that just premiered called Coin Heist! It's part teen drama, part romance, part heist movie and a complete confusion.

The ThunderCrats {S04 E19 "Well of Doubt"}
December 07, 2016

You guys, if you’re anything like me, you’ve found it a chore to turn on the news since, oh let’s say, November 9th. Yesterday I legit got two minutes and forty-two seconds into the news before I just got mad and turned it off. So to make the...

King Cobra
December 05, 2016

Courtesy Bottoms presents... King Cobra On our new featurette we watch gay movies so you don't have to! To kick it off we are watching a movie that is still in theaters and can boast one helluva cast. Can a murder drama set in the world of gay porn be...

Black Mirror {S03 E02 "Playtest"}
November 28, 2016

Allow Me To Introduce... Black Mirror It is Ash's turn to introduce Ben to a show he has never seen and he has chosen the British sci-fi hit Black Mirror! Join as we watch an episode that can best be described as the world's longest PSA to call your...

Twin Peaks {"Traces to Nowhere" & "Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer"}
November 22, 2016

Allow Me to Introduce... Twin Peaks! Ben's introduction of the classic Twin Peaks to Ash concludes as we discuss the first two episodes of the series proper. What will Ash think of BOB and the Man From Another Place? He has to be blown away, right?...

Hillary PODham ClinCAST {Election 2016 Post-Mortem}
November 15, 2016

Ben has thoughts about this election year. Rambling, barely coherent thoughts.

Twin Peaks {The Pilot}
November 14, 2016

Allow Me To Introduce... Twin Peaks Ben tries to course correct after introducing Ash to the Halloween movie franchise which Ash hated. Will the quirky delights of David Lynch's Twin Peaks be enough to charm our favorite millennial or will he find it...

Speed Racer with Sean Cruser and Murphy Martin
November 10, 2016

The Cinematic Defenders present... Speed Racer Does one of my guests say this movie is the Citizen Kane of our time? Is he dead serious about it? Yes and yes. You know you want to hear his reasoning.

Man of Steel {with Mike Schmidt & Marissa Galvan}
November 01, 2016

The Cinematic Defenders presents... Man of Steel Welcome back to The Cinematic Defenders where Ben along with his special guests take movies that have a bad wrap and give them a fresh look, with hope in our eyes and optimism in our hearts!...