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Six-Figure Trading

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The Fastest Path to Trading Success
October 31, 2018

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The Magic of Ten Perfect Trades | Episode 12
August 31, 2017

SIX-FIGURE TRADING | PODCAST If you’re a trader who always feels close, but can’t push through to profitability, today’s episode is for you. You may feel like “I know everything but I can’t make a dime. It always seems like I take three steps forward a...

Trade More to Make More | Podcast Episode 11
February 22, 2017

SIX-FIGURE TRADING | PODCAST When Trading Often- Means You’re Trading Well…Most of us hear the wisdom “be disciplined…” It’s usually spit out from a burnt out trader trying to salvage the last $1,000 in their account.

Stock Trading Profits How to Earn More | Podcast Episode 10
January 30, 2017

SIX-FIGURE TRADING | PODCAST Stock Trading Profits How to Earn MoreA common debate that we have in the pre-market game plan meeting is whether or not to trade a stock in a trading range. My goal as the mentor,

Profitable Trading Beliefs for Success | Episode 9-Trading Podcast
January 09, 2017

SIX-FIGURE TRADING | PODCAST I didn’t really learn how to trade the first year and a half in the business.. We were doing nothing but adding liquidity on the ECN. That style really wasn’t trading. There wasn’t a need for profitable trading beliefs beca...

How to Aggressively Trade Your Edge | Episode 8 | Trading Podcast
December 14, 2016

SIX-FIGURE TRADING | PODCAST Why Trading With Discipline is Not a Super-Power Identifying new trading opportunities isn’t magic. Trading your strategy is simple…if you have one! I’m not smarter than anybody,

Beginner Trading Advice | Episode 7 | Trading Podcast
December 02, 2016

SIX-FIGURE TRADING | PODCAST Beginner Trading Advice | Mentoring Experience What is the best beginner trading advice you would give yourself? A common question I get… The answer may surprise you. It’s most likely the answer you don’t want to hear.

Crafting Your Long-Term Trading Strategy | EP 6
November 25, 2016

SIX-FIGURE TRADING | PODCAST How to Develop a Trading Strategy for the Long-term Your trading strategy should be the first thing to develop. Unfortunately most of us jump headfirst into risking money with no real plan. A troubling thought isn’t it?

Trading Challenge: Improve Your Trading in 7 Days | EP 5
November 25, 2016

SIX-FIGURE TRADING | PODCAST How to Make the High-Probability Trade Breakthrough trading is a simple concept. Learn what works and do more of it. The problem for most traders is they never give themselves a chance to learn.

How Winning Traders Think Differently | EP 4
November 25, 2016

SIX-FIGURE TRADING | PODCAST How Winning Traders Think DifferentlyToday’s education comes from our podcast Six-Figure Trading  and we touch on something that is an urgent issue that doesn’t get enough attention.