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Unions help EVERYBODY – with special guest former UAW president Bob King
September 10, 2019

Bob King's Wikipedia entry is HERE. - AFL-CIO: 9 Things You Need to Know About the Role of Unions - The Bargaining for the Common Good website is HERE. - Helaine Olen at The Washington Post: SEIU has an ambitious new plan for workers’ rights.

Was Trump’s election a hate crime? With special guest human rights lawyer & activist Arjun Sethi
September 02, 2019

Arjun Sethi on Twitter: @ArjunSethi81 - Arjun Sethi's must-read book American Hate - Survivors Speak Out available at - Mirza Waheed at The Guardian: India’s illegal power grab is turning Kashmir into a colony -

How unions got beaten down and how they can get worked up again – with special guest Steven Greenhouse of the New York Times
August 20, 2019

Steven Greenhouse on Twitter: @GreenhouseNYT - Purchase Steven Greenhouse's new book Beaten Down, Worked Up: The Past, Present, and Future of American Labor HERE. - -

From the tweets to the streets — with very special guest Feminista Jones
August 13, 2019

Feminista Jones on Twitter: @FeministaJones - Feminista Jones' website: - Buy Feminista Jones' new book Reclaiming Our Space HERE. - Feminista Jones at Zora: Which Candidate Will Feminist Democrats Rally Around? -

Stop taking politics for granted – with special guest author and historian Prof. Kevin M. Kruse
August 06, 2019

Kevin M. Kruse on Twitter: @KevinMKruse - Kevin M. Kruse's website: - Buy Kevin M. Kruse's new book Fault Lines HERE. - Kevin M. Kruse at The New York Times: The Real Problem With Trump’s Rallies - Kevin M.

How the super rich have hacked American democracy – with special guest Eric Levitz from New York Magazine
July 27, 2019

Eric Levitz on Twitter: @EricLevitz - Eric Levitz at New York Magazine: Tribalism Isn’t Our Democracy’s Main Problem. The Conservative Movement Is. - Eric Levitz at New York Magazine: Moderate Democrats Warn That AOC Is Distracting From Their Nonexis...

Racist is the KINDEST thing you can say about Trump – with special guest Anat Shenker-Osorio
July 23, 2019

Anat Shenker-Osorio on Twitter: @Anatosaurus - Anat Shenker-Osorio's website: ASO Communications - - Tim Wise's viral thread on how to beat Trump: - https://twitter.

Will Mueller EVER show up? – With special guest Sarah Kendzior
July 16, 2019

Sarah Kendzior on Twitter: @SarahKendzior - Sarah Kendzior's website: - Sarah Kendzior's podcast Gaslit Nation: - Gaslit Nation on Twitter: @GaslitNation - Support Sarah's work through her Patreon HERE. -

How did we normalize concentration camps (and Marianne Williamson)? with special guest historian David M. Perry
July 09, 2019

David M. Perry on Twitter: @Lollardfish - Help support David M. Perry's writing by making a contribution to his Patreon HERE. - David M. Perry's website: - David M. Perry at CNN: It's time to break up the Department of Homeland Security...

Cruelty and Chaos 2020 – #CloseTheCamps – with special guest Sandra Cordero of Families Belong Together
July 02, 2019

Sandra Cordero on Twitter: @Sandipatticee - Families Belong Together on Twitter: @Fams2gether - Families Belong Together's website: - Find a #CloseTheCamps protest near you on July 2nd and attend by clicking HERE. -