Singletrack Magazine MTB Podcast

Singletrack Magazine MTB Podcast

Last Chance To Nominate! The Singletrack Reader Awards

September 09, 2021

Nominations close on Monday 27th September! Make sure you’ve told us who you think should get our attention this year, in a range of new awards.

This year has been a bit different, again. Rather than grumble about the shortage of this and that, this year’s Singletrack Reader Awards celebrate those who have just got on and done stuff. We’re looking for your nominations for the individuals, groups and organisations that have made a difference to our mountain biking community this year. Creating a more sustainable future for our environment, building new riding opportunities, or bringing new people the opportunity to ride – these are the things we want to celebrate. Here’s your chance to nominate them in the following categories.

Best UK Trail Stewardship Initiative

This award is about the trails we ride. Which initiative has got people out to maintain trails, learn building skills, and help create sustainable and legitimate trails? Is it a dig crew, a community project, or even a trail centre that’s got people picking up a shovel in the name of future fun?

Best UK Environmental Initiative

This is about the ground beyond our trails. Whether it’s care for the wildlife, awareness of our impact on the environment, keeping bikes out of the bin, or encouraging less impactful access to trails, we want to hear about who is making it happen.

Best UK Community Initiative

This award is about people. Who is getting bums on bikes and creating the opportunity for new people to discover riding off-road? Which campaign has brought together the bike community in the quest to improve the sport? Is it a fundraising campaign to build new trails, or provide bikes? Is it an awareness campaign promoting better trail stewardship or access? Whose hashtag is an instantly recognisable message to be a better sort of rider, or to become a rider in the first place? We want to hear about the project, campaign or other initiative that’s helping build our community.

Best Brand Initiative

Which brand has championed a cause for the benefit of the bike community?

Best Use of Lockdown

Who made the most of the quiet hills and downtime? Did someone add new trails to a trail centre? Did someone set up a cargo bike delivery service, or a bike rebuilding service? Was there some enormous bit of cycling street art, or a video series that made you smile? Tell us which lockdown project gets your vote.

Best Singletrack World Image

Some things don’t change, and Singletrack World Magazine and have still been filled with great images. Which one stands out for you?

Best Singletrack World Article