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Singletrack Magazine MTB Podcast

The RockShox Domain Fork Is Back! First Look & Podcast

April 22, 2021

If you’ve been riding mountain bikes for a decade or more then you will probably at least have some part of the back of your brain ringing that bell of familiarity at the mention of the Rockshox Domain.

It was a burly fork for its time, with its dual crown options and beefy 35mm stanchions. Well, now it’s back. And it’s been to the gym.

Well ok, it’s essentially a budget version of the Zeb. It looks like the new Zeb and that’s because it is a Zeb but without the fancier materials and trimmings, but that isn’t a bad thing. And you will appreciate the efforts that Rockshox have gone to to create this frankly, monster of a fork when you see the price.

This huge (up to 180mm) 38mm stanchioned rocker eater of a fork will cost £530 and comes in 27.5 & 29 sizing. Can you imagine a 180mm version on a 29r?

In the grand scheme of things a fork that just a decade ago would have been classed as a monster of a DH fork coming in at £250 less than the most basic Zeb option is pretty impressive. It’s worth noting that while we can often be carried away with outrage at some of the stratospheric prices for some bikes and parts at the highest end of the market that those same brands are also devoting a lot of time and development at the more affordable end of the market too. And if this fork is the result of the trickle down effect from the Zeb then I for one am perfectly happy for those with a lot more money than the rest of us to keep driving development of those super expensive bikes and parts.

The Rockshox Domain in detail

“SEND IT. DON’T SPEND IT.”That’s what the Domain promo material from SRAM begins with.

Press release highlights follow

Big value and a badass look come together under one roof in the all-new Domain. Featuring legitimate enduro capability, strength, and legacy, this robust fork is packed with value to meet the demanding needs of both MTBs and E-MTBs alike.


With bigger bikes come bigger demands. The new Domain takes cues from ZEB, our enduro specialist fork with serious credentials. Domain offers a new burly 38mm chassis, short fender compatibility, and a confidence-inspiring DebonAir air spring matched with a reliable Motion Control RC damper. We even brought the performance of Maxima Plush damping fluid along for the ride. Nothing goes as big as Domain does in value and performance.


* Wheel size: 27.5″, 29″* Travel: 150mm, 160mm, 170mm, 180mm* Damper: Motion Control RC* offset: 44mm (27.5″, 29″)* Upper tube: 38mm aluminum

* NEW 38mm chassis for increased stiffness and rider confidence * Motion Control RC damper featuring low speed compression adjust with externally adjustable dual flow rebound * Highly tunable DebonAir air spring offers a consistent feel throughout the travel* Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and quiets damper noise * Shor...