Singletrack Magazine MTB Podcast

Singletrack Magazine MTB Podcast

Podcast: Andi joins the Sunn French Connexion Enduro World Series Team

April 15, 2021

As he quickly approaches 40, Andi decides to take a few more risks, little did he know that it would lead to joining the Sunn French Connexion EWS Team!

I’m sure you will all have your stories of those missed opportunities. Those big dreams, new job offers, or once in a lifetime chances that you had wished you had taken up. Being a bit of a globe trotter and having spent much of his adult life as an ex-pat, Andi has a fair few ‘lost opportunities’ but he plans to change all that.

Andi works on Theo Galy’s bike during team camp. Photo Credit Valentin Popineau

With the Pandemic shaking things up and as he approaches 40, Andi made the leap and has joined the Sunn French Connexion Racing Enduro World Series team. In this episode of the Singletrack Podcast, we get to hear what it’s like joining the team, managing the riders and wrenching for the EWS elite.

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Sunn French Connexion Team Camp Gallery

Photo Credit Valentin Popineau