Sincerely Yours

Sincerely Yours

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Do the Thing
July 26, 2021

Hello, pen pals! I have been a busy bee and the podcast has hit the back burner but we are back with a few updates! At the end of last year, I took on took on a mentee and it was Charlotte, a listener from the podcast! She had worked as a brand rep for th

Your Power
February 12, 2021

We all know the things that can really rattle our cages and get on our nerves but what if you have the power to control our peace of mind? One thing that I have realized during the pandemic is how critical my peace of mind is. We are constantly being...

Boston Live
December 11, 2020

Well, helloooooo! I have missed you all so much! Life gets a little hectic and I realized whenever I take on a big project, my Sincerely Yours podcast seems to get the short end of the stick. One of the projects has been a retirement gift for my college..

A Year Five: Adaptability
September 30, 2020

FIVE YEARS we are celebrating five years of this podcast! So hard to believe that bad in 2015, it took me 8 months to make my first episode and now I am podcasting left, right, here and there! We are celebrating in the most fun way where we welcome my...

Get What You Want
September 16, 2020

Get What You Want, just imagine. Well, I am currently a part of a Get What You Want Club! Hosted by Sarah Von Bargen over at the blog she is showing us the way to break down our goals into tiny actionable steps. It has been going great so...

Companionship & Chit Chats
August 31, 2020

The one critical piece of this pandemic experience is how significant maintaining social relationships. Extrovert and introverts alike create the same social interactions and can affect your mood. If you find yourself in a funk then take a listen!...

Summer Time Chit Chat
August 10, 2020

Im back! In my best attempt to avoid podfading, life went upside down when we got the okay to move foward with our wedding. Who plans a wedding in the middle of a global pandemic in only three weeks? This girl! So with that done, we move forward and are

Structural Racism in America
June 08, 2020

This show was never intended to be about current events but with the recent death of George Floyd and the protests demanding change, it would be an insult not to talk about it. I woke up after the election in 2016 and realized our county is racist. It...

Old You, New You
May 15, 2020

Pandemic here, there, and everywhere. This time has been so unusual but I have been trying to make the most of it. I share my tips on getting through these days, even the most difficult of days. Finding an old version of myself has been fun to share and..

Business Time
April 24, 2020

Business business everywhere! As I finish tax season with filing taxes for my LLC, I share all the things about having my business! With the two podcasts and my Easy shop, I finish my second year in business. It is growing but has along way to go. Take...