Simply Convivial: Organization & Mindset for Home & Homeschool

Simply Convivial: Organization & Mindset for Home & Homeschool

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116. Homemaking Hacks with Virginia Lee Rogers
November 22, 2019

Our homemaking strategies should fit our own homes and needs, whether or not they look good enough for magazines or Pinterest.

115. Biblical homemaking is our calling
November 06, 2019

With laundry and dishes and messy floors and dust and clutter, homemaking can seem a daunting and thankless job. When we let Scripture determine our categories and definitions and mission, however, we realize that biblical homemaking is a service to Go...

114. Checklists for bite-sized routines
October 31, 2019

Bite-sized routines will help your home management skills more than the perfect plan will.

113. Tips for using checklists with Stefani Mons
October 23, 2019

Procedure checklists can be such a helpful tool to catapult us from inaction to momentum in our day.

112. Make your checklists priority-focused
October 15, 2019

A priority checklist will help you gain momentum that matters.

111. Procedure Checklists for the Overwhelmed Mom
October 09, 2019

When there’s too much to do, procedure checklists are the shortcut to momentum you need.

110. Wobble in Balance
October 03, 2019

True balance is not a matter of perfection, achievement, or equality. It is about making the needed adjustments as you go. When you try to organize your life, seeking balance is good, but only if you have the right metaphor.

Ep #109 – What to do when life feels wobbly, a conversation with Virginia Lee Rogers
September 27, 2019

Balance is something that we all strive for – at least sometimes.  Sometimes we definitely give up. What’s the right balance in our home management duties? What’s the right balance in seeking balance? Today Virginia Lee Rogers and I are chatting about ...

108. Balance is time management
September 17, 2019

How do we organize life and keep all the plates spinning and ourselves in balance? Time management, obviously, is crucial. Today’s podcast episode is all about how to manage your time to keep up with your responsibilities. PS – If it seems hard,

107. A Balanced Life - is it a thing?
September 09, 2019

People talk all the time about living a balanced life, but what do they mean? What do we mean when we say we’re trying to balance our lives? Some mean they are working on work/life balance, a seemingly elusive goal.