Simmer Brown Podcast

Simmer Brown Podcast

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"America Runs on Munkin" - Episode 6
October 21, 2016

Join producers Sameena Mustafa and Prateek Srivastava as they sit down with comedian and frequent Simmer Brown performer, "Felonious Munk."  The trio discuss everything from good coffee to racial slur origins to Donald Trump supporters. Munk also...

"Good Girls Record Podcasts" - Episode 5
September 20, 2016

A Conversation with Taz Ahmed

"The Rhodes Less Traveled" - Episode 4
May 31, 2016

Join the crew as they sit down with comedian Tom Rhodes.  Tom discusses performing all over the world and the time he hosted a syndicated talk show in Holland. Tom also shares his thoughts on interracial marriage, learning about Eastern...

"Crime and Punishment" - Episode 3
April 14, 2016

  Join the crew as they sit down with Rummana Hussain, Chicago Sun-Times reporter (and Sameena's childhood friend).  Rummana talks about her family's background, reporting on crime and terrorism, and sexism in the profession. Podcast...

"Indian Consulate Office Space" - Episode 2
December 31, 2015

Join the crew as they sit down with comedian Tyler Jackson.  Tyler talks about his years working at the Indian Consulate Office.  Between office politics, jerky co-workers, all-around cranky old men, Tyler sheds light on the drudgery...

"Say Yes to Simmer Brown" - Episode 1
September 25, 2015

Join the crew on the first episode of the Simmer Brown Podcast. The trio discusses a variety of topics including meeting new brown people, accents in comedy, living up to parental expectations, and more!  Sameena also shares her experiences...