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Realizing You Are a Poet
October 04, 2016

People often tell me they cannot write poetry. They say they do not know how. They say they do not think that way…whatever “that way” is. But these people are wrong. If you think you cannot write poetry, here is proof that you can. Poetr

The You Inside of You – the Dream Within a Dream
October 03, 2016

People are like those nested Russian dolls. You never really lose the things you were, as you get older. You just kind of add a new shell on top of them. That kid you were, that bold or shy teenager, that wild early twenty-something…that stuff is al

The Memory of Trees
September 22, 2016

The Memory of Trees One day, the girl came back to the tree, as she always did. This tree, it knew her. It sensed that, even though there were changes, this was still the same girl. It always was. “Do you remember me?” the tree asked, in its w

One Sunapple St.
December 01, 2015

One Sunapple St. I asked you for an apple You asked me for the sun Knowing outside of metaphors I couldn’t give you one You asked me for a miracle Right when I turned to run And against all odds I Turned around and somehow gave you one I ate my tast

Lonely Thought Island
November 24, 2015

Lonely Thought Island Lonely thoughts floating In a bright sea of people Another island More Poetry by Silencio Barnes More Facebook Poetry by Silencio Barnes The Original Facebook Post for Lonely Thought Island November 23, 2013 Lonely thoughts floatingI

Waking from the Dream
November 20, 2015

Waking from the Dream Waking up is hard The hibernation starts with the realization The realization that nothing is as it was supposed to be With the job lost, the failed loves, those inconvenient and pesky things Emotions Then the news says death By inge

Fuck Yo Feelings
October 27, 2015

The desire to want another person to hurt is wrong…and yet, it’s sometimes hard to fight it.  I want to moonwalk all over your feelings. Then grab my crotch, do a spin, and walk away from you. Posted by Silencio Barnes on Tuesday, October 27

Just a Test – will be deleted
October 12, 2015

This is just a test post – trying to see what will happen when I post a new post to this blog – if all is well, it should automatically hit twitter and facebook. Gotta make sure the feed is updating and services are being pinged when new posts

Don't Smoke Crack!
October 08, 2014

When the air is smoky and the liver dies from drowning   I sit and I think about life Pausing the world, to weep -- Here is an unedited and explicit view into the mind of a man that deeply ponders th...

SB Retro: Spit Bombs
October 06, 2014 Spit Bombs is just a really old track I did back in the day. For some reason, to this day, many still consider it some of my best stuff despite it only really being something of a freestyle.