The Shrew

The Shrew

Self Care, Disability, and Everything in Between

September 09, 2019

Self-care is tending to your first job: living. Self-care is the everyday task of waking up and slowing down. It is to commend ourselves for our work: each and every breath. And, when it becomes hard to even do our first job, or when we simply lose focus or appreciation of our most important job, self-care is re-grounding and re-centering ourselves.

To stop and acknowledge that your inherent value is not in your level of productivity, your inherent value is in you, requires a lot of reworking and rethinking for most of us, but is so healthy and so deserved.

Tending to ourselves should be priority number one.

Let this be your reminder not to feel guilty for having an off day, for needing to take a day or for being “lazy.” Because you’re not.
You’re not “off,” you’re not “lazy,” you’re human. One deserving of happiness and healthiness, no matter your output of productivity.