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The Bachelor, You, and Feminism
March 12, 2020

Tune into this episode of The Shrew Speaks where special guest, Grace Peacock, and I talk about feminism in popular TV…or lack of feminism. Follow along as we dive into everything from gender roles to rape culture.

A Closer Look at Second Wave Feminism
February 06, 2020

The sisterhood and support I saw on Sex Education, immediately reminded me of second-wave feminism and the tactics women used during this time. But, don’t you dare think we’re going to talk about second-wave feminism without a conversation about race.

Beating The Winter Time Blues
November 15, 2019

Whether you've got the winter time blues, had a stressful day, or just want to relax because why not, here are some helpful tips to do so!

Self Care, Disability, and Everything in Between
September 09, 2019

Self Care is Resistance, Here's Why