Short Story Discussions

Short Story Discussions

SSBC Podcast: Lynn Thorne

June 05, 2020

On today’s episode, we chat with Lynn Thorne, author of Who Am I If You’re Not You? The book chronicles the all-true story of unconditional love between Jennifer and Marc, a couple whose marriage would seem certain to fail because of its unusual nature. But as Thorne shows in this powerful book, true love can survive almost any tide.

In this interview, Lynn reveals how she learned about the couple and why she became so passionate about their story that she had to put it on paper. And she answers readers’ burning questions about the book, including the backstory behind Marc’s dramatic gender transformation, Jennifer’s triumph over anorexia, and the sacrifices the couple made to keep their marriage together.

Thorne is an award-winning writer, LGBT ally, and an active blogger on Learn more about these and other writings at