Shocking Gasp: A D&D Podcast

Shocking Gasp: A D&D Podcast

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C1E26 - Once or Twice
September 17, 2019

The Deitouched have decided to go on the offensive, and hunt the hunter. Isabel has no idea what’s in store for her. And yet, something else moves in the shadows. Perhaps there is a third hunter involved, one with a different agenda.   New episodes relea.

C1E25 - Escape
September 03, 2019

First contact has been made, but the spies were not who Amos expected. The message has been delivered. Now all that can be done is to wait. Gunny tries to secure an alternate escape route while Amos and Tychus plan the next steps. New episodes released e.

Shocking News - Sept. 2019
September 01, 2019

It's Scott and Stephanie here, bringing you another round of announcements! Highlights include: * One Year Giveaway running through October 1 * Submit questions for Shocking Symposium airing October 15 * Updated convention schedule: CinCityCon in October.

C1E24 - Only Time
August 19, 2019

Six years have passed. Amos believes his mother may still be alive, and she may be in Solarion. But the Etchers know he is here as well, and they are hunting him. The Deitouched band together to protect their friend and help reunite a family. New episode.

August 06, 2019

Just a quick post-GenCon announcement episode. Highlights include: * No new episode this week (sorry!) * Teepublic store 35% off sale Aug 9-10 and Aug 21-25 * Upcoming D&D Starter/Essentials Kit Giveaway - watch Social Media! * Listener Feedback Requeste.

C1E23 - Hunger, Pt.2
July 23, 2019

We are nearing the end of this short tale. So far we have watched as the boy Amos was welcomed into a family he never dreamed of. But it will not end as happily. Come, let us finish this story. New episodes released every other Tuesday.   Website:

C1E22 - Hunger, Pt.1
July 09, 2019

Come. Listen to a story. A story about a boy, a world that didn't care for him, and the thieves that he thought did. Listen as Amos finds his way into the Etchers thieves' guild and learns what it means to be a thief. New episodes released every other Tu.

C1E21 - The One Without A Song
June 25, 2019

Gunny meets the King and then visits the Gods' Hall while Tychus and Tilly take a day trip into the hellish nightmare that is the bureaucratic system.  New episodes released every other Tuesday.   Website: Support us on Ko-fi: Ko-fi..

C1E20 - Smooth Criminal
June 15, 2019

If a crossbow bolt pierces the back of a pirate and none of his friends are there to see it, do they come to help? Or do they assume his drunken ways got the better of him and instead go about their own interests? New episodes released every other Tuesda.

C1E19 - The Final Countdown
May 30, 2019

The Deitouched need citizenship to reach the Gods Hall. Jarl Jørgen Torp needs it to help his people. But there can be only one victor who earns the right to claim the title Citizen of Solarion. Welcome to the Challenge of Champions.  New episodes releas.