Shock and Awesome

Shock and Awesome

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Lin-Manuel Miranda - "Emoji the Musical"
February 19, 2018

Repost of my episode with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the brains behind Hamilton.. and so much more.

Lacamoire - The Room Where it *Happens*
May 10, 2016

The man behind the music, Alex Lacamoire is not only the music director/orchestrator of Hamilton, but he is currently the music supervisor of Dear Evan Hansen and *woman in a red dress emoji* music directing/"cubanizing" Carmen Jones. His work can be...

April 05, 2016

Half the size and bursting with music, this season finale is a compilation of musical features from every guest and their 'Shock and Awesome' theme song from Season Two!!! Sample them all!!! Featured songs play in the order of guest appearances, theme...

Wayne Brady - Bucket List
March 29, 2016

Master improviser Wayne Brady goes way beyond yes-anding as he writes his own script/score to life and shows no signs of slowing down. Join us as he shares and performs his secrets to freestyle rapping, inspires with his tremendous career moves and...

Steve Williams - A Peculiar Howl
March 23, 2016

Another treasure from the Goldishack, Steve Williams is not only an incredible singer with several musical projects (of which we delve into) but he's a genuine, grit of the Earth, New Yorker kinda guy. Whether it's his method of songwriting or how...

mc chris - Tour de Force
March 15, 2016

Passing through New York City on his national tour, mc chris gives us his only free hour to talk Adult Swim discoveries, Upright Citizens Brigade collaborations, songwriting processes and his FANtastic base of supporters. Stay tuned till the end for a...

Erin and her Cello - and her Fellow!
March 08, 2016

“Quirky, vivacious, and undeniably unique,” says Strings Magazine and they are undoubtedly correct! The songs of Erin Hall are hilariously real -- from detoxing away the day job to keeping your nails clipped. She and her insanely talented husband...

Moondrunk - Scene Partners
March 01, 2016

Andrew and Ashley took the roundabout way from an acting class to a theatrical premiere. Meeting as scene partners and quickly becoming Moondrunk, their natural chemistry, mutually busy minds and bass support from Yair Evnine made quite the winning...

Lady Rizo - Seduction of the Asses
February 23, 2016

From commune to cruise ship and festivals to theaters around the world, Lady Rizo has been feeding hearts and hormones of all kinds for over a decade with her powerful voice and sexy demeanor. Now newly a mother, the feeding has multiplied and her...

Arthur Lewis - Beyond Lyrics
February 16, 2016

Improvisation, inspiration, and innovation... three parts that make up the songwriting process of Arthur Lewis. Learn and enjoy the ups and downs of his musical process, his quickthinking fingers and smooth-like-butter voice with lyrics that...