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Archive Week: Running Lights Part 2
August 12, 2022

More on on running lights from Capt Robert Johnson.

Archive Week: Running Lights
August 11, 2022

A look back in the archives at an interview with Capt Robert Johnson about ship running lights.

Archive Week: Rogue Waves
August 10, 2022

A look a back in the archives at a conversation with Capt Debprah Dempsey and Radio Officer Terry Wilson, about rogue waves,

Archive Week: Meteor Part 2
August 09, 2022

The conclusion of the story of the sinking of the Meteor.

Archive Week: The Sinking of the Meteor Part 1
August 08, 2022

I’m taking a little time off this week and am sharing some great clips from the archives. Today is part one of the Sinking of the Meteor, told by Michael McCusker as only he can.

Buoy 10 fishery on the Columbia
August 04, 2022

Every year in August, the Buoy 10 salmon fishery opens, and lots of boaters in small craft head out onto the lower Columbia off Astoria. It’s an opportunity for great fishing, and also an opportunity

Cleanup begins on the Tourist No. 2 Ferry sunk in Astoria
August 04, 2022

The Tourist No. 2 is an old wooden ferry, with a long history in Astoria, that’s currently lying on its side in shallow water off the Astoria waterfront, leaking diesel. Her owner apparently doesn’t h

John Day Dam lock damage highlights river commerce
August 02, 2022

The John Day Dam lock system upriver from the Dalles is broken and a workaround in place means tug and barge traffic is slow through the dam. This would be an issue anytime, but more so now – because

New survey data shows mariner happiness is up
August 02, 2022

Today we’ll take a look at the latest 2nd quarter data from the Seafarer Happiness Index. It shows mariner satisfaction is up significantly from low numbers in the first quarter of this year. But prob

The sinking of the old Tourist No. 2 Ferry in Astoria
July 31, 2022

Right now a boat that played a big part in Astoria’s history is sitting partially sunk off the city’s waterfront. It’s the Tourist No.2, one of the ferries that used to take passengers across the rive